Monday, January 7, 2013

Julep New Years Mystery Box!

So here is my maven box! I have not opened it until now (and by now I mean when taking these photos!). So this is EXACTLY how it came. I took pictures every step of the way.

So inside is the sheet of paper that is the receipt. No surprise there! And underneath the sheet of paper is this:

First thing out of the box is a Julep Pedi Creme. It is supposed to be fantastic. I personally dont love the feel of this on my feet, but it gets rave reviews! And at a price tag of $22.00 this alone makes the box worth while. I got the entire box for $19.99 so everything else is basically free.

And a leaking glitter pot. I am really glad it was wrapped in plastic or it would have made a MESS!

And the samples. I will no longer call these free samples as Julep has said that these sample packets have value and are part of the value of the box.

And then the polishes!

This is really weird. The bottle of Gwyneth came this way, it is still completely sealed, and as you can see there is no leakage or mess. Its just one solid as a rock blob. Very weird.... I did call Julep and they are sending me a new one! I have really come to realize that I am just doomed with Julep. ALL the weird, one offs and weird issues that are one in a million, those ALL come to me. Yet that luck doesn't translate in to luck getting the bigger boxes! LOL!

And the next three, including some close ups of the limited edition never before released glitter.

And here is everything together! Not at all bad for $19.99 even though I already had everything except for the one damaged polish!


  1. SO weird about that Gwyneth! I don't really get that as a colour and it even made less sense in the collection.

  2. Weird I was going through all this and seen Gwyneth and mines the same!!

    1. Contact Julep! They are reshipping me a replacement! Its totally weird!



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