Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OPI Wizard Of Oz Collection - More Liquid Sand Polishes!

So it is looking like this years version of the crackle is the liquid sand. You  know what I mean; the textured polish that keeps popping up in collection after collection? Thankfully I really really enjoy THIS textured polish! This collection is coming out this spring!

  • Lights of Emerald City – White confetti adds city girl flair and style to nails
  • Don’t Burst My Bubble – Don’t wake me…I’m dreaming about puffy clouds of white
  • When Monkeys Fly! – I’m simply bananas for this gold confetti
  • Glints of Glinda – Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic
  • Which is Witch? – Is this silver glitter with iridescent sparkle or the other way around?
  • I Theodora You – This adorable, sheer pink is bewitching on you
  • What Wizardry is This? – Liquid Sand nail lacquer in a rich taupe hue


  1. Oh gosh... I know where my next paycheck is going -_-

  2. These look so pretty! I want to see swatches of the soft shades to see how sheer they are, but I love the rest for sure!

  3. I really want to see swatches of this. I want the entire collection. Can you turn off your word verification? It really discourages comments.

  4. please post when these are available! I am so going to buy them ALL!!

  5. No green? I don't get these colors. Looks more like Gone with the Wind.



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