Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Julep January It Girl Box

So I got my Julep January box in the mail today. I have to say, I am not seeing the colours as neons. They are bright, but not neon. And please don't take that as a complaint! I HATE NEONS! I was quite happy to see that the orange is such a wearable colour!

The extras:

Now on to the polish!

This yellow isn't so yellow! I swear its more green tinged than it is yellow. And the orange is not very neon which is fantastic! I will swatch Amelia shortly. It kind of reminds me (in the bottle) like a champagne coloured version of Maya (which was a streaky mess in application!) so I will let you guys know when I do that.

And here is the "yellow" right next to the neon green hair tie that came in the box. As you can see, its not the same neon green as the hair tie, but it is certainly green tinged! I am not sure if I got a funny bottle or if this is the colour it actually is meant to be.

Everything all together!


  1. My Nikki is definitely more green tinged as well, and like you I am actually happy that they are more 'bright' than 'neon'

    I think Maya is stunning, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!



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