Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Reason Why I HATE The Beauty Industry Some Times!

So I am trying really hard to find a face routine that WORKS. How did they discontinue my moisturizer, my eye cream, my toner AND my cleanser all in ONE YEAR??!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!!!

So how does this happen? How does everything I use get discontinued? This was my previous routine:

Now I will be honest. The eye cream I dont think DID anything for me but it was the first of dozens and dozens of products that didnt hurt/sting/irritate my eyes. And yes. That was all I asked for it to do for me. The toner is a slightly sticky gel that people used to hate on it for being sticky, but OMG!! It was the MOST SOOTHING thing on the planet. It just smelled and felt amazing. Grapefruit smell was lovely and it just felt soooo amazing on! 

So yeah..... The Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturizer is my biggest upset. I am totally GUTTED that it is gone and I stocked up on a year and a half supply when it was discontinued. My last one expired in November but I used it until two weeks ago when it ran out. 

So far, this is what my new routine looks like. And thankfully, I think these products are pretty permenant in the line and not going anywhere. 

I have tried a ton of moisturizers in the last month and so far Clinique Moisture Surge Intense seems to be looking like a very strong contender. And the eye cream......... BAH!!!!!

What do you guys you? What do you recommend and why? I really WANT to hear your answers!!!!!


  1. I've been using Biotherm Aquasource for a bit and I noticed my skin is alot smoother and i'm pretty bad with my beauty regime.. :)

  2. For a moisterizer, I love Gorgeous by LUSH Cosmetics. It's not cheap, but I have never had a moisterizer work so well on my skin. That being said, I have *very* dry skin, so you should pick something that matches your skintype, whether it be dry or oily.

  3. It's a trial and error thing. I used to use Lancome or Clinique but gave up on them.

    I'm lucky that my skin tolerates most things. So right now I'm working my way through a stash of gwp cleansers, toners, etc.

    The only things I can truly say I dislike is Olay products. The face wipes are horrible, smell and texture. I don't like any of their cleansers. Having said that, my son swears by their body washes for his very dry skin.

    My biggest beef, is when they discontinue your lipstick/blusher and never bring back the same shade.

  4. If you prefer natural products with no chemicals, how about a facial oil, instead of a creme moisturizer?
    I have been using for years Jason Vitamin E Oil (5000 iu); it has about 7 different types of fatty oils that are great for the skin.

  5. Oh no!!! Poor you! That is horrible. I hate it when they discontinue your favourite products. I use Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel (which is seriously amazing, I've been using it for over six years) and although I mix up my moisturisers my favourites are Mario Badescu's 'Buttermilk Moisturiser' and Origins tinted moisturiser with SPF.

    If you are interested, here are the links:

    I hope you get your routine sorted out without too much hassle! Goodluck

  6. I actually don't wear moisturizer during the day, which is pretty bad.. I love the Be fine night cream though, same goes for the Algenist overnight restorative cream if you want something thicker, or the origns night-a-mins cream. Unfortunately I do think it's trial and error though :(

  7. sounds like you have my kind of luck.. all of my favorite things are typically discontinued :(

  8. AVON products are amazing. They have quality products for a reasonable price and they really do work :)

  9. Hmmm... I absolutely adore my serum so I'm not sure I should tell you what I use for fear it would be discontinued. :P

    Face wash: I'm not too picky when it comes to face wash. I'm currently using one which I received in a swap from Japan.



    Face cream: I haven't found my holy grail yet. I'm using a Nivea one right now and it is fine, but I certainly wouldn't rave about it.

    Eye Cream:

    Good luck!!!



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