Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Exclusive Custom Art Portfolio

Ok, so while I was in Holt Renfrew today I saw this Custom Artist Portfolio from Laura Mercier. And OH MY GOSH I WANT IT! I am totally smitten with this makeup bag. I might even like it slightly more than my Dior one I just showed you all. The only problem with this one is the large one The one that I really want, comes with a price tag of $120! I can NOT in any way shape or form justify it.

Just like my Dior one this one has removable pouches (four in this one I think!) a place for full sized makeup brushes and unlike mine, a solid hard backed case. Now this will not hold as much but its oh so gorgeous.

And this set below had a price tag of....... Over $200. I think it was $225. But don't quote me on that. I do however really love the eyeshadow palette that it comes with! Sadly for me this will be the closest I get to showing it to you all. But its oh so pretty and I know what I will be dreaming of tonight!


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