Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cheeky Monkey Get Wet, Lucky U, Tease & Raunchy Bitch Swatches!

So today I have four Cheeky Monkey Polishes to share with you. While I do like the formula on these (except for Lucky U which is a streaky mess) there is one BIG flaw. The colour pictures and descriptions on the website are AWFUL. Like REALLY awful. Nothing similar to reality!

Get Wet is a pastel baby blue/turquoise creme. Its more blue than green and reminds me of a lighter bluer version of Tiffany Blue. To show you how different it is based on the website description,

It is not at all a jelly, nor is it anywhere near the blue that it shows in the picture!

Lucky You is streaky mess. Its a metallic light green that is super streaky and very thin at the same time.

It looks according to the picture description above to be a smooth creamy mint green. Not the pastel metallic it really it is. 

Tease is a creamy pastel purple. Creamy and smooth, its the perfect pastel purple!

This is not a grey mauve at all. It is a true pastel purple creme. And much lighter than the pictures suggests! 

Raunchy Bitch is a bright metallic purple with crazy royal blue shimmer! I am so beyond proud of myself that the picture above is so colour accurate!


Now according to the website its a metallic blue. And the pictures shows a metallic almost black navy. NOOOO!!!!!!! It is PURPLE! PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE! Yes, it has great blue shimmer, but there is zero doubt that this colour is PURPLE! See the above swatch. That is true to life colour!

And here are all four beside each other!

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  1. The difference is huge...I think I would be pretty disappointed!



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