Monday, March 18, 2013

Stila Loves CC Skye Makeup Collection

So I showed you all the CC Skye set a few weeks back and said I was ordering it. Well, I have it and i have to say I was really worried after ordering it that I would regret it. I figured (after the fact of course!) that it would probably be really cheap fake plastic/rubber and I would just end up throwing it in the back of my closet and not using it. Thankfully, that was AFTER already ordering it. Because I LOVE it!! I am SOOOO happy that I got it.

So as I showed you before, it comes with a FULL SIZED eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipgloss. And the bag of course! The box it comes in is really flimsy and I wish it was a more sturdy box since the bag doesnt come with a dustbag. I may just go out and buy a cheap pillowcase from the dollar store to store the bag in when not using it.

And here is the clutch. I apologize for the terrible chipped manicure. I have an exam tomorrow (it seems like I have a midterm exam or test every other day doesn't it?) and havnt had a chance to change it yet. This is Over The Moon, the bright blue Color Club from the 2013 Halo Hues Collection. But anyways, you can see the size is quite generous.

The ACTUAL Benetar clutch has gold chains instead of silver and it was the only thing holding me back from the $175 bag! So to get this one, identical in everything other than colour of the chain (and the leather that this is supposedly not but its an AMAZING replica). This says its fake leather, but it really really really feels like the real thing.

And I found this image on the Bag Snob's blog and it shows the original with the $175 price tag

And here is the back. Again, just like the original one but the name plate is silver not gold!

And look how deep in the bag the zipper is. I really feel this should be pointed out because I HATE when you can see the big zipper on a nice clutch when you are holding it. This zipper is utilitarian and nothing more. NOT part of the design and not visible. I do wish there was a zippered pocket in the bag though. Only thing I would change given the option!

And now the contents. They come nicely wrapped in silver tissue paper and inside the clutch

Now the eyeliner is missing from the bag because I already gave it to my mom. The review on that item seems not so hot. I think my mom found it too watery and it just created a mess. As someone who uses nothing but kohl and pencil eyeliners I have no opinions on liquid eyeliners!

The eyeshadow that comes in the set is very nice. Its a charcoal grey (very dark) with a TON of silver shimmer but the shimmer doesnt seem to fall out like some other brands....... cough..... cough...... Urban Decay... cough...... Just sayin.......

Now I am not sure if you remember but Stila shadows used to come in a small box and it was JUST the pan. It never had a pot to hold the pan in unless you purchased it separately. These ones may now come in the little black packaging but they VERY easily pop out so you can put the pan in the Stila palettes that are currently on clearance on the Stila website. I think I may need to get an American friend to pick me up an extra palette before they are gone for good!

While the pigment is fantastic when I swipe my finger, as you can see below it fades out really nicely and sheer. So it is a VERY buildable colour. And as you can also see, the silver shimmer/glitter in it is VERY visible on the skin!

Now while this set retailed for $150 on the Sephora site, it is on clearance right now for $40!! And for you Canadians out there - ITS THE SAME PRICE FOR US!!!!!



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