Saturday, March 16, 2013

OPI & Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques

So with the holidays fast approaching (I can not believe its just a week away!!!) and school and work completely overwhelming me lately I have not had the time to do my nails quite as much as I normally would. So thankfully I have a whole bunch of these nail appliques to grab when time is lacking. These OPI ones (and Sephora by OPI) are my favourite. I think they are far far superior to Sally Hansen, China Glaze and other ones on the market. 

These OPI ones I picked up at Winners. The Nail Bliss ones I have no clue where I got them from, but I was surprisingly happy with them. They seem to be more plastic and I have to admit that the minute I opened them and felt them I was so annoyed and assumed I would hate them. I dont seem to have ANY luck at all with any of the appliques that are anything but pure polish. However, these were great! This design was a see through base with the black design and then they had little raised sequins on them. Surprisingly these were a breeze to apply and lasted about 4 days before I got bored and took them off. 



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