Thursday, March 14, 2013

Secret Easter Bunny 2013!

So as you all know I organize big nail polish swaps throughout the year. The current one is in full swing and today I got my AMAZING package. It technically came yesterday but I was at work/school and missed the delivery. So I had a VERY VERY VERY long day today waiting anxiously for 5:15 so I could get off work and pick up my package.

Inside the wrapping was this GORGEOUS box. Hand decorated.

Look how much effort my bunny put in to the packaging. I can not get over how gorgeous everything is.

And the sticker sealing the envelope matches everything. Not a single detail was ignored on this package!

And now on to the good stuff. The card I saved to open last! I can't even imagine how much time was put in to the packaging. And I am totally intrigued by the large box. I am going to save that one to last.

Now the tag says this is not part of my gift but if the Avante Garde is the LMDB one that I think it is, I am really really excited to see what this is! I will take a dupe of an LMDB if its just as good!!!

EEK! It is Avante Garde? Did she send me the wrong one? Nope. It turns out its Christmas Town. But its beyond gorgeous  And looks just the same! If you were afraid that this would look almost black (like I did and why I never wanted this one in the first place) it is so far from being an almost black colour. Its gorgeous and shimmery and I am so thankful I got it (who cares if she swatched it?!! She can swatch every polish she sends me for all I care!!) because this is a polish I would NEVER have purchased on my own!

So the next thing I opened was this thing! Not a single idea what could have been in here.

A cute little bunny pen that has been claimed by my mom. Apparently my parents now charge me rent in the house. How lucky is it that this was the exact value of my rent?! LMAO!

Now was this package!

And if you see the OU with the D for Dairy beside it ( I circled it), that is the symbol that says that package is kosher! So no worries there wonderful bunny! I love these and may have already eaten a big portion of the bag!!!!

I was shocked to find this one! I was pretty sure this was a limited edition polish that was gone. But I could be wrong. Either way its been sitting on my wishlist for IONS and its now finally mine :):):)!!

A new spring polish I have been wanting since the minute I saw the first preview swatches of it!

And I can not believe how much more there still is! Next up:

I think this might be my overall favourite brand of polish. It always held a spot high up on my list, right below Dior, but ever since they started making the full sized bottles with these amazing brushes, I think they might just have pushed Dior down to number two. I have yet to find a dud in the brand! And I have A LOT of them!

I must say I have yet to see or try an Elevation Polish I don't love.

A HOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much more to go! Next up is this one! I am so thrilled to get this. I tried to purchase this a dozen times but have never been able to find it outside of a 3 pack, and I always have had the other colours in the package! So finally its MINE!

And another holo!!!!!!!

Now the box that had me on the edge of my seat! WHAT could possibly be in there? Hmmm......

A gorgeous box. Full of origami flowers.

Did she fold these all herself? There are TONS! It must have taken her all day if she did!

In the box were these three packages.

While at Sephora last time I swatched all these but I was really really well behaved and didnt buy them as I promised I was NOT BUYING anything until this exchange was done! Its a good thing! All three Illamasqua polishes I wanted!

And everything from my amazingly generous bunny all together! I can not begin to state how much I love everything!

And who was my wonderful, generous, amazing bunny? None other than the lovely Lauren (AKA GhstDreamer!!!)


  1. what an awesome post - that is a box full of rainbows right there!

  2. oh wow, what an amazing swap, sooo jealous!

  3. What a fab present to receive in the swap :) lucky you :)

  4. How does one join your polish swaps? I always see the most amazing swaps on your blog and I'm so jealous!

  5. So cute! I NEED FIND OUT WHEN THESE KIND OF SWAPS ARE. haha, I always miss out!

  6. what awesome swap! i wish i have so big surprise!



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