Saturday, March 2, 2013

Candy Shock Collection For Catrice Spring 2013

Catrice is coming out with a new collection called Candy Shock. Now let me just start by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE Catrice polishes! I really do. BUT........ I feel like this is too little too late. I feel like the caviar beads thing is just kind of over. And since we all know by now that if we go to the scrapbooking department of ANY craft store we can buy the micro beads for $2-$3 for a BIG bag! So if you as a cosmetic company are going to tempt me to purchase these "caviar beads" then it better be a really great colour combination that I would be forced to make myself using many different colours of beads. This, is not going to tempt me.

Catrice calls these Nail Sugar Pearls and they are limited edition (usually a 6-8 week span if past is a good indicator) and the shades are C01 Cotton Candy and C02 Sugar Shock. I will give you more info when I have it!

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