Thursday, March 28, 2013

Revlon Baby Sticks In Sunset And Tahitian Swatches & Review

So I have been loving the Revlon Lip Butters recently which you all know. So when I saw the new summer Gucci Westman limited edition display FINALLY I was overjoyed. Even better, at London Drugs right now all Revlon products are buy two get one free. And with a $10 off Revlon coupon burning a hole in my wallet, I jumped at the two new Lip Butters (to be reviewed later) and these.

Now while online it says there is three colours and reviews (that I should have read FIRST) seem to show three. And they say that the displays only have a spot for one of each colour. Well our displays had spots for two Baby Sticks. One each of these two colours. So I do not know if the third one is going to arrive on this side of the border or not but I am happy I did not buy three. Two was bad enough.

These are a pale peachy/corally pink and a bright tangerine colour in the tube. The pictures above show them turned up all the way. As you can see, you get very very little product (.1oz) for the whopping $10.49 price tag. The price is slightly outrageous and the craptastic product inside makes the price even more disgusting. As Nouveau Yuppie Beauty said, even if these were being given away, they would STILL not be worth it.

Now I apologize for the photos. I am away for the week and all I have is my Samsung Galaxy SIII so that is what I took the photos with. Let me start with the pros of this product........ Ok. Done. Now on to the negatives. Ok, I am slightly exaggerating. They do slide on nicely. But since they are a waxy lipgloss formula that makes sense. That really is the ONLY positive thing I have to say about them. In theory a gel blush should glide on to the skin effortlessly and then sink in. These don't. They feel like what you would expect an old chapstick would feel like if you swiped that on to the skin. They are a thick waxy dewy formula that just sit on the skin. Add to that the fact that there is ZERO colour pay off and you get a good idea of this product.

The first picture is of FIVE swipes of the minuscule blush/lip product. FIVE!! And as you can see (my skin is glow in the dark its so white. So imagine it on someone who had a colour to their skin!) there is almost no colour. The bottom two pictures are with TWENTY (yes, literally TWENTY swipes) swipes of the product. Now who wants to swipe a product on their cheek twenty times? And then to have such a build up of waxy gloss that does not sink in to the skin. And forget about blending it. You will end up with the colour rubbed off and STILL have a waxy residue on the skin.

This is far and beyond the WORST product I have ever tried makeup wise. And to make matters worse, EVERY SINGLE REVIEW seems to say the SAME THING! Lesson learned - read a review before buying.


  1. Really.... 10 49?!?! *picking jaw up off floor*

  2. wow. Just.. wow. Glad I read this review! Crazy stuff, there.

  3. Omg I wish I would've seen this earlier. I bought Tahitian n I'm so disappointed! Worst $9 ever spent!! I wonder if CVS will refund my money?

    1. CVS does refund. I am going to be returning mine ASAP. THese are awful!

  4. YES!!! I just posted my review of Sunset and had the same terrible experience! I thought it felt just like Chapstick on your face, too! I was so excited about these, but they are absolutely dreadful. I hope you were able to get a refund! Your review cracked me up, especially when you mentioned the "pros", lol!



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