Saturday, March 23, 2013

Packing For a 10 Day Trip. What Do You Take?

So I leave tomorrow for ten days. And that means packing. But for me, its not just ten casual days. I have 11 events/dinners/shows that I have to go to. And that makes packing light oh so very stressful. I am actually quite proud of myself for how I much I am taking. I think its quite reasonable for such a trip!

It starts with two bags. Both are Dior. The white one I love, but the black one. OH. MY. The BEST BEST BEST gift with purchase I have EVER received. I love this thing. It is about hte size of a 3 inch binder. But its brilliant.

This is what it looks like when you open it up.

Notice it folds open to a full mirror (the size of a standard sheet of loose leaf).

And under that is a place for makeup brushes. Which means when I take this bag I dont have to take my travel brushes. I can take full sized brushes!

I have two Hakuhodo Face Brushes, My new Lise Watier foundation brush (which I like far more than my Bobbi Brown one) and my chanel concealer bursh (I dont love).

And 5 eye brushes

Also, the one makeup bag detaches from the case.

Here is what is in the mesh bag. My Clarisonic Mia and charger, the little clear bottles are my Clinique Acne Solutions Toner x3 (each one is tiny and holds about 3-4 days worth) and the pink liquid is astringent which is good to have for days I feel I need it. Also I have cotton pads, a travel size of my moisture surge moisturizer (I save this jar and then refill it when I travel), a very generous size of philosophy eye cream, a small travel size of my purity cleanser, and a deluxe sample of the clinique roller ball for under eye circles.

Safety pins (just because), tweezers, scissors,  a file, a light, a magnifying glass and more and a mini deodorant.

Then in the small pouch are 2 weeks worth of my pills/vitamins, q-tips, advil, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, perfume samples, and hand sanitizer.

And here it is all folded up.

And the makeup bag. This was hard. I want options for different things, but I dont want to take 1000 items.

For the face:
  1. Clarins Cotton Flower Face Palette to set my makeup
  2. Edward Bess Kabuki Brush
  3. NARS Deep Throat Blush
  4. NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush
  5. NARS Pro Prime Skin Smoothing Face Prep Base
  6. The Balm Time Balm Concealer
  7. Foundation (originally little tester samples that I now refill with my Dior Foundation)
  8. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Brightener
  9. Laura Mercier Deluxe Sample Foundation Primer

For The Eyes
  1. Dior Sunset Cafe Quint
  2. Chantecaille Sea Turtles Palette
  3. Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus Deluxe Sample (I have about 12 backups of these! Obsessed!)
  4. Deluxe Mascara Sample
  5. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in 82 Emerveille
  6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  7. Urban Decay Eyeliner in Mildew
  8. Urban Decay double sided eyeliner in Zero and Whiskey
  9. Anabelle Eyeliner Pencils in Auburn and Blonde

And for Lips:
  1. Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Secret Pink
  2. Clarins  Joli Rouge Lipstick in Hawiian Coral
  3. Loreal Colour Riche Balms in Caring Coral and Plush Plum

So what do you think? Is this way too much? Let me know what you would do in the comments.

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  1. wow that is a lot but it's a special occasion so you're not going to be doing an "everyday face" so i think it's appropriate..
    for me I just do a plain face (aka suck at makeup) so i would only have a fraction of what's there.. qTips/ safety pins etc are always good to bring with you..

    wondering why.. no hair products / bobby pins..? or is that another topic..
    ps love that black bag. definitely need something like that!!!!

    1. I have a hair elastic in my hair or around my wrist at all times. ALL TIMES! And all I will pack hair wise is a hairbrush and a bottle of hairspray and some curling balm. A hair straightener and the utilities required is just too much work/effort!

  2. *cough* forgot your guest sized handmade soap :p

  3. I pack a similar amount, if not slightly more. That black dior is amazing though, I wish I had one of those cases. It's so practical!

  4. I think you covered just about everything. I love that you have 3 liners (I always have about 2), 2 mascaras (I do this too!). And I really like both of those palette!

    The only things I would add to that is a bronzer. I'm fairly light so this time of year I usually go with a very light bronzer with a touch of blush on top.

    And also my metal lash brush thing (you know, the one that helps separate lashes should they get clumped).

    Clear Nail polish if you plan on wearing nylons

  5. I pack way more for like 2 days lol! I think you did really well. The 2 bags look fairly small actually!



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