Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sindulge OR Canada Post - Which Company Is MORE Ridiculous? ITS A TIE!

Remember when I posted my order from Sindulge? No? Me Neither! Its been THAT long! Middle of December is when it was ordered. It never came. Then they shipped me something else. It never came. I honestly thought that Sindulge was just one big scam up until today. I had heard some other issues others had had and was pretty sure you just didn't get merchandise you ordered from the website. They did in the end paypal me the money but I really wasnt sure how two packages get lost from a company. 

THEN. Today. I get a package from SINDULGE!!! I was SOOO excited. Until I picked up the box. The MINUTE I picked it up I knew there was something very wrong. The box had NO weight to it. Not quite an empty box, but certainly not a perfume, let alone the four that should have been in there. 

So I open up the box and look at what is inside. I see the perfume boxes, and I see the plastic that should have been on the perfume boxes sitting in the box.


And this lovely letter from Canada Border Services telling me that they removed the hazardous materials from the mail. Perfume is a dangerous (read flammable) substance.

Now I have a few big issues with this.


Now this is from the FAQ on the Sindulge site. I am not sure if it means they only ship to Canada or that they ship to the US and the only NON american addresses they ship to is Canadian ones. Either way, they clearly ship to Canada. So when I called today to tell them what happened the response was "oh. I guess we cant ship perfume to Canada". Now they CAN ship flammable things to Canada but they have to do it in a specific way. But shouldnt a company know that if they are shipping to Canada? I would think so.

If Canada Post is always talking about how much money they are losing and about possibly moving to four day delivery weeks instead of five day weeks, I have an idea that can save them a boat load of money. They took EVERYTHING out of this box. Instead of putting all the garbage (the wrapping and plastic) back in to the box and shipping it across the country, why not just stick a letter in the mail saying that they destroyed it? Why pay the cost (I assume its a big cost of $15-$20 based on what they charge us Canadians to ship things across the country) to send the big box to me instead of a little letter?

I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY OF IT!!!!!!!


  1. That is disappointing. I thought that absolutely no fragrances could be shipped to Canada. I was under that impression because the company I work for can't ship fragrances to Canada at all. I frequently have to disappoint my Canadian customers and tell them that.

    Sorry this happened to you.

  2. I knew that perfumes and such couldn't be shipped to Canada across the border but the company should've known too. I'd definitely dispute the charges!

  3. So the company is going to refund you the money right? If not i would start a claim with your credit card company as this is the company's fault not yours. Sephora will not ship some stuff and they will remove the items from your cart or display a message.

    1. They already had refunded my money. It was assumed lost eons ago! I am just beyond annoyed that a company that ONLY ships to Canada wouldnt have known the rules about how to ship it legally.

  4. Hmmm...I wonder if they really destroyed it, or if there are some really happy and good smelling postal workers in Canada right now?

  5. Wow. That is ridiculous. I can't believe they shipped you a box with the empty packages. Might as well send you a letter.

  6. Wow that is really dissapointing. Is the dkny suppose to have some other cardboard/paper inside to keep the perfume from moving around? where did that go.. What assholes. I dont understand, I received a perfume a month ago from the US and no issues.. and it says beauty products on your box how did they know to open it? Sorry thats happened to you, at least you were refunded. I am missing a package from January 10 that had indie fragrances in it and now seeing this, I assume the same thing happened yet they just decided not to ship it anymore at all -__-

    1. Not sure about the packaging. And if you didnt get the package yet, its a good bet that this happened. A few Canadians have been having this issue recently I am learning. But this was shipped in DECEMBER. SO I assume you will still get it EVENTUALLY if that is what happened to it. It seems to be a 2 month process to throw out are $$$. GRRRR!

  7. That's ridiculous. I order perfumes/colognes from Sephora at least once a year (most recently in November) and those get to me just fine. How does one company get away with it when another can't?



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