Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl

Like many beauty obsessed girls on the net, I have my "list" of blogs I have to check everyday. I happened to stumble across the MOST unique hair tool I have ever seen. I hate curling irons. I really do. And while my hair is a curly frizzy mop, it only goes ONE WAY. My hair can either be straigtened completely, or it looks like this.

There is no "loose" curl. There is no anything. Corkscrew curls or I can straighten it. I have tried straightening and then curling it but traditional curling irons tend to frustrate me beyond words. So I have excepted a super straight hairdo or these corkscrew curls (images from 1997, 2009 and 2004 respectively). They were the first three images I found on my hard drive. But pretty much all of them are like that or they involve my hair in a pony.

So when I spotted the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl on the ReallyRe blog I felt my heart go a flutter just a bit. I have NO IDEA if its available in North America, or just in the UK, but OH! MY! WORD! I cant get over how EASY this makes curling your hair look.

As you can see, this looks NOTHING like a traditional curling iron.
Perfect Curl automatically draws hair into the ceramic curl chamber where it is held and heated from all directions, gently creating curls. There are three different timer settings and three heat settings up to 230˚C which create looser waves and soft curls as well as more defined curls. Perfect Curl can be used on longer hair to mid-length styles and a range of different hair types from fine, delicate and coloured to thick and wavy hair.

To show you just how this works, here is a video from the company on the details on how you use it!

I am going to try to contact the company and see if I can find any details on where we Canadian/American girls can track it down. But in the mean time, what do you guys think of this?


  1. I want one!!!! Like NOW!!! MUST FIND IT!

  2. OMYGOD I wasnt expecting it to just suck it in!! lool. I need this!!

  3. Omg I need this! Post if you find out where we can get it!

  4. Ok.... what.... I NEED THIS NOWWWW

  5. I will be stalking this product until I can find it in Canada! I love BaByliss tools and this just looks so easy to use.

  6. lol the sucking in part is funny...but i wonder what are the chances of your hair getting caught / tangled in that..?
    other than that, it seems like a wonderful tool! - mir

  7. I'm from the UK, and have just bought this today. Can't wait to receive it and try it out. I'm very excited!

  8. where did u buy it from in London?



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