Saturday, March 23, 2013

Club Nail Polish - A New Subscription Service

Two weeks ago a new company, Club Nail Polish asked for some Canadian Bloggers to Volunteer to test drive a new subscription service they are about to launch. I was happy to sign up and anxiously awaited the package.

Now I wish I could tell you how great this seemed and how I was on the edge of my seat ready to sign up but sadly, I am pretty sure this is going to be a ginormous fail.  In fact, I will be stunned if this A - Starts up at all, and B- if it does start up if it lasts more than a month or two.

Let me start by pointing out it cost $12.58 to mail this package to me.

Now let me tell you what was sent to me info wise about the new program:

Hello Blogger, Thanks for Taking The Time To Check Us Out. is a nail polish of the month club. We send out a bottle of brand name nail polish to our subscribers. Below are some points for you to read and pass on to your followers Smiling emoticon

It's like "Candy For Your Nails" And as someone famous once said "Life is like a box of choclates. You never know what one you'll get" in this case, once a month's mantra is that we want our subscribers to experience different colors of nail polish. And feel good about getting something nice in the mail. Have you ever brushed a color on a girlfriend and discover she loves it and you too! Even though she said at first I will never wear that color? That's part of the experience. 

You have in your hands a prototype of a "Pretty Little Package" with a few little goodies in it. This could change from month to month. But we are not a "Box" club. We are little more simple. We are the last chocolate that you relish and savor. 

The pretty little package you receive once a month will brighten your day when you visit your mail box and see it there. It will make the bills and junk mail seem less painful too. And now and then don't you deserve a little bit of sweetness for all you do in life?

We are asking you as a blogger to check the package out and review. Blog what you think should be added or taken away. Your ideas mean a lot to us at We will listen to our subscribers and make changes when we see its necessary for the good of the lcub. And we are ok with any critiquing too. 
Here are a few points that we would like to make. Then you can blog about it
  1.  Secret color of nail polish once a month
  2. Monthly on going subscription that you can cancel at anytime
  3. Only available in Canada at the moment, USA next
  4. Not an in house brand nail polish. We do not make our own lacquers at the moment
  5. Only brand name polishes sent out each month
  6. Open forum discussions on brands and colors, ideas
  7. Full size bottle, can be OPI, China Glaze, Essie and more... 
We also would like you to tell us what price range per month you think our subscription club should open at. Take in consideration the retail price per bottle, packaging, experience, shipping costs in Canada etc. then send your comments to"


Its the never knowing, wanting to try but never trying, but its crossed my mind girl we love. So try a different nail polish color each month. Maybe you'll be giggling with surprise finding out you like your new "Nail Polish Of The Month Club" color.
That is the letter I got. Which tells me NOTHING to pass on to you guys. No date to look for, no price point, nothing. I get that they want feedback, but I just dont feel that this was how to do it. And if you are sending out press bags, I think you should already be at the point where you have the info to give the readers. And just so you know, the grammatical errors, punctuation and such in the letter are not mine, it is exactly how I got it.

Now this is what I got:

Now I do actually LIKE the polish. And it was on my wishlist. But here is where my issues lie with the company. And there are a few issues!
  1. First, I tried to contact the company to ask some questions before writing this post (I got the package on Monday). No response. I emailed them, I sent them a private facebook message, and I posted on their facebook wall asking them to check their messages. NOTHING! A week is more than enough time for them to reply to ONE of my messages. 
  2. They seem like they have no clue what they are doing. They have a concept, but have no idea when it will start or how much it will cost. And yet they sent out press bags?
  3. Here is the biggest issue. The above two issues can be corrected. I see NO WAY this issue can be dealt with. The concept of getting ONE polish is fine. But price points? A bottle of China Glaze (or OPI) can be purchased for $3-$6 dollars (OPI can be gotten for $6 or so dollars at nail supply stores). And if you go BUY a polish you can choose the EXACT colour you want. So to make this worthwhile, it would have to be at least the same price if not a bit less. I can not see anyone paying ANY more than $5-$7 for a random bottle of OPI/China Glaze/ Essie polish that they have no control over the colour with. And the shipping on this cost $12!! This would have to be a minimum of $15 to make this profitable for the company. And no chance on EARTH they will sign ANYONE up at that price point. 
For the reasons above, I just can't see a legitimate business model that will make this a profitable business for them. I would be thrilled to be wrong, but just like Lacquerous, I just don't see this as the next subscription service people will be signing up for.

What do you guys think?


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  2. Awesome post. & agree with everything. I think mailing 1 polish for 12 is silly when you can mail a more for the same price. If it came with 3 or more bottles of a brand like OPI or china glaze that would be better.

  3. Yea my thought exactly, why would I subscribe to a service that probably will cost 8+ dollars, not knowing what colors i would get every month, when I can get china glaze and opi elsewhere for prices lower than 8$....
    Thanks for your honesty btw, it's refreshing to read a non-biased, honest review

  4. Where did you get the letter from them? I didn't get any info.

  5. ahhh polish jinx!! Don't be offended! My apologies, I didn't see your review posted :(... despite the whole nail-mail concept being a slight dud, you got a beautiful, cult colour :) I just added your review to my list... and at the top too.



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