Monday, March 25, 2013

Glossybox One Year Anniversary February Box!

Last week I got home from work to find a package on my bed that really surprised me. I got a Glossybox. Why did this surprise me? Because I dont subscribe! Now I have been sent two boxes from the company for review in the past (and one to giveaway to a reader) but in all three of those instances I have been contacted ahead of time and asked if I was interested in receiving a box for review. This time I had no contact with the company at all. So needless to say I was surprised.

Now I want to explain a few things before I go on. I know there are some bloggers out there who get a box review it, rant and rave about how great it is and you never see the box reviewed again because it was a sponsored post and they don't subscribe. I always think "If its such a great box and you love it so much, why didn't YOU subscribe?!" Well, I am someone who does not subscribe to ANY beauty boxes. And I never had (aside from Julep which I feel is a different animal all together). I am a girl who is extremely sensitive, reacts to some products if they look at me the wrong way, and who is so glow in the dark white that even Casper The Friendly Ghost makes fun of my lack of pigment. Add to that a fear of colours (on the face. Obviously not an issue on the nail) and you can see why I am not the biggest beauty box fan. I am just a very very fussy girl who likes what she likes, and sticks to what works for her. So for ME, the beauty box concept just doesn't work. I love some boxes. I love some products. But I would say 65-75% of the products I would never even try or attempt to use.  It doesn't mean I don't see or find value in some of the boxes, I just don't find the value is there for ME.

Now that I have gotten all THAT out of the way, I would also like to state that I pay little attention to the drama around the beauty box industry. I am aware that some of the boxes have had expired products in the past, some have products from other countries not readily available in Canada, some have little inherent value in the boxes, others have stolen images and such. I have NO clue which drama is associated with which boxes. I know some friends who love Glossybox and some who have been offended and no longer use the brand. But I truly don't know which drama associates with which boxes and can do no more than share MY experiences as I have experienced them.

Ok. Now that all that is out of the way. On to the good stuff. THE BOX!! And the reveal of course!

So Glossybox has been in Canada for one year now. It seems like just yesterday they were the new kid on the block, but this is the box celebrating Glossybox's First Birthday. And in honour of that, they have a very nice box. Its a glossy black with a big pink ribbon printed on it. The box is actually a really useful box that could be regifted or used somewhere else in your house.

Now when I saw reviews of this box I was sooooooo jealous  It was the first time in forever I wished I got a box! My all time fav. lip gloss as well as a few other things had me super excited and kind of wishing I got one. So I already knew even as I opened it that I was going to love the box!

And inside the REAL ribbon  matches the one printed on the box.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was a discount coupon for Globlove. Now I know that this was printed by Globlove and not by Glossybox so my comment is directed as such. If you are going to go to the money and energy of putting out a discount card in a box, DESCRIBE WHAT KIND OF COMPANY YOU ARE FOR GOSH DARN SAKE! I had never heard of the brand before and had no idea what the company sold. My girlfriend saw it and based on the name thought it was for adult toys and the like. It turns out its a lingerie company, but seriously? The PR team needs to do some work!

Next up was this. Now, I know a lot of people didn't see the connection with cupcake holders and a beauty box but I think it was the PERFECT extra for the box. Its a birthday box after all, so cupcakes seems appropriate. Also, whenever I have friends over for a manicure or beauty night, I bake something, so this seems perfect. I do love to bake muffins and cupcakes so this will definitely get used.

Full sized product number one. Now I personally HATE anything that smells like roses (and I mean HATE. Least favourite smell on the planet) and will not even TRY this. But my mom liked the smell so I gave it to her and hopefully it will be used!

The next thing in the box was another full sized item. Yes, it only has a retail value of 3.99 but I really like Essence beauty products. Too bad I am a colourphobe and wont wear green eyeshadow. Once more, my mom has taken possession of this. Are you starting to see why I tend to NOT buy beauty boxes?

And a small skincare sample that also went to my mom! I think she did pretty well for a box that was NOT sent to her! lol!

Now on to the good stuff. I posted in a facebook group I am in a few weeks ago asking if anyone had tried the Biore Strips before, were they any good, and where was the best place to buy a few to test out. I was sent some from someone who wasn't going to use hers and I was hooked. So full sized item number three was a big score for me! I was thrilled to get this box!

Now another item that MADE MY DAY! Givenchy Interdit Glosses are the bestest bestest glosses in the whole wide world. Really. I just love them. And I was thrilled to get a sample one (quite generous, about 33% of the size of a full one) in the box and better than that - a colour I will both wear and don't already have.

Another little foil pack sample. A hand cream I am likely to never use. Not because there is anything wrong with it. Simply because I have enough hand cream to moisturize the entire city I live in.

And full sized item number four. A Healing Oil Treatment I am really looking forward to trying! I have heard really good things about this product and can not wait to try it out myself.

The full sized products:

And everything all together!

Now the details. If you want to sign up for Glossybox, click HERE! I want to start by saying this is a general link. This is not a referral link or anything like that. I get zero benefit for you doing so and there is no way to even track (as far as I know) if you do or not based on the link. I merely went to the sign up page on their website and cut and pasted it here.

The cost/promotions:

Do I think its worth $21? I must say I think this box was worth $21. But it was a special anniversary box. I can not say if other boxes have nearly as many full sized products (FOUR!?!) or are as exciting as this one. I personally LOVED this box and based on this one I would suggest giving it a go. But maybe wait another month or so and see if the value is maintained?

It was for sure the first time I really took notice and wanted a box (Somehow Glossy must have known!) and I am really happy I got it!

If you have any thoughts or experiences on the brand, please let me know! I would love to hear! And if you have previously subscribed to Glossy, do you still? What did you like about the box? Dislike about the box?


  1. I keep seeing bad monthly reviews for both glossy box and birtch defiantly think I will be giving it a miss!

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  2. Glossybox can kiss my rear. If they had not treated me like garbage after they stole MY pic, I would have still been subbed. I've been a loyal subber from the beginning through their good and bad boxes. I will not hesistate to tell everyone to stay away from this nightmare. There are better options. I'm still waiting for a response from the company. I'm not the only subber theyve treated like crap.

  3. It was the best box in a very long time.

    Having said that, Canada is the ugly stepchild of the Glossy world. Look at some of the international sites and see what they recieve (and manyh of the women who get GB overseas have many of the same complaints that we have).

    There are times I think GB is owned by the Shopping Channel due to the run of Elizabeth Grant products that we had last year, along with a few other brands that sell there.

    The UK had a Harrods box, Korea a Burberry Box. The closest Canada got was a "pick up the perfume at Holts and a give away of a plain nail file at Holts. I was in Holt's during the perfume offer and the sales assistant didn't know what I was talking about. Turns out there was an extremely limited number available.

    We won't discuss the expired products from Revlon and Avon (who didn't know they were in the boxes!).

    March will probably be my last month. I like the concept but am fed up of the run around from Lisa and her posse.



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