Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saks Fifth Avenue Spotlight On Dior Collection

Saks Fifth Avenue currently has a limited edition capsule collection for nails and eyes that is completely exclusive. Now I will show you the eyeshadows but its really the polishes that I am super excited about.

The shadows are available in Bow, Cruise, Pareo, Swan and Lilas Mitzah.

The nail polishes seem to have been repromotes from past limited edition and exclusive collections. I already own Aloha from a summer collection that came in a duo with a fast dry top coat and Ultra Violet from another collection. I also know that Mayan Red had already come out so I assume that the two I just ordered (Cristal and Nymphea) are also from collections I missed. If like me you did miss out on any of these, I highly suggest running to the Saks Fifth Avenue website and jumping on them!

Aloha (orange), Cristal (shimmering white), Mayan Red (crimson), Nymphea (aqua) and Ultra Violet (purple)


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  2. Dior used to have a lipstick called Ultra Violet. My HG colour. I miss it. I look for it every time they bring out a new collection.

    Did I mention I miss this colour!!



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