Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Beauty Stash To End All Beauty Stashes!

OH. MY. GOSH!!! Really. No words. Just....... Wow! So I was searching for info on a specific brand of beauty organization and I accidentally came across this. This is the Temptalia beauty stash. Its half an hour long, but the first seven minutes are just her talking. So I just spent half an hour watching it. If you want to kill half an hour, just make sure to keep a washcloth by your keyboard to mop up the drool!

And then, check out part two!! YES! There is a part 2!!!! 


  1. She is the goddess of beauty products. I've been following her for a long time. Always go to her for product reviews!

  2. Wow I just watched boh of those. I love her blog, that was super interesting and impressive! And useful too with all her tips.



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