Saturday, December 22, 2012

Regal Steel Jewelry - So Cheap It's Hard To Say No!

So for those of you have not yet heard of or shopped with Zulily, it is a private shopping site similar to Beyond The Rack and sites such as that. I was introduced to them through a Julep sale but have since purchased Jewelry  from them for Christmas gifts, my new winter boots and a few other things! To sign up, just click here

Today, I was once more sucked into making a purchase! The brand is Regal Steel and I liked that the items were made out of stainless steel. While I do love my Tiffany, Links Of London and Thomas Sabo jewelry, this seemed like a nice inexpensive way to add some new pieces to my wardrobe! The jewelry since its stainless steal, will not tarnish and will hold up much better than sterling silver and it should be hypoallergenic. The other nice thing is because I am not a big fan of yellow gold or rose gold I feel kind of guilty investing in those pieces since gold is SOOO expensive and I know I will rarely wear it. So to get these pieces that are 18K gold plated, they will look like gold (since what you see IS gold) but it will be much cheaper! 

So these are the pieces I got! There are many more on the website!

Rose Gold Shimmer Bracelet - 100.00 RETAIL for $15.99

Gold Butterfly Drop Earrings - 50.00 RETAIL for $8.99

Silver Leaf Drop Earrings - 50.00 RETAIL for $8.99

Rose Gold Filigree Drop Earrings - 50.00 RETAIL for $8.99

Rose Gold Shimmer Trinity Drop Earrings - 75.00 RETAIL for $12.99

Metallic Smooth Bangle Set - 90.00 RETAIL for $13.99

Silver Cuff - Set of Two - 80.00 RETAIL for $12.99

Silver Pinched-Square Cuff - 80.00 RETAIL for $12.99

I can not wait to get the pieces! The prices are fantastic and they should be some fun pieces to add to my wardrobe!

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  1. You got some great stuff! !!! Good taste! I prefer silver toned jewelry as well. The only thing aboutv zulily is the wait time that kills me! Hope it comes quickly!



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