Monday, December 24, 2012

Julep Limited-Edition White Lacquer Jewelry Box

I was super excited to see this offered and I ordered one then two days later ordered one as a gift. I was kind of upset when I received it. The bottom was dirty and damaged, the inside was damaged and I was really upset. I did call Julep and they are replacing the box. The new one has already shipped. I have not yet gotten the second one I ordered though so I thankfully had a backup idea for my girlfriends gift! 

I do have to say, be careful when you get the box! If you are going to take out all the inserts to use as a jewelry box, be careful. The inside seems to have a tendency to break off. I reinforced the sides with superglue, and fixed the damaged insert (again with superglue) and then played around with what would go inside. I will not show you the bottom of the box as it really is not pretty. I am sure yours will look much better if you order it!

As you can see, the suede-esque lining inside has the Julep logo and name embossed on the inside of the lid. But that is the only logo in/on the entire box. The outside is just white lacquer! 

And then I rearranged the entire inside to try other options! I think the above is what will go in my second one (when I get it) and this one will stay as you see below. It is great for all my costume and trend jewelry that doesn't fit (and I don't want in anyways) in my main jewelry box! 


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