Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cleaning & Purging The Stash - The Lipbalms, Chapsticks And Treatments

So I previously showed my eyeshadow stash and believe it or not - that was AFTER cleaning and purging the stash! Being stuck at home seems to be the best time to clean the stash. I am actually quite proud of how much I purged and cleaned. So I will start with the chapsticks. I have no idea HOW they disappear as fast as they do, but I SWEAR they have feet and runaway on me! So as many chapsticks and lipbalms as I have been sent/bought/given this is all I have! Not bad! (I did throw out some VERY old ones and gross ones and almost gone ones!). 

And I am NOT a fan of lipbalms that come in jars. I just dont like the idea of having to stick your fingers in the product. But I picked up the Korres one in NYC last time I was there and LOVE it! And believe it or not, Tokyo Milk is the first lipbalm in a jar I have ever finished. So I bought a second! And then I have one old MOR lipgloss (I had three, one was almost gone and the other was gross so I purged them) and a new tin one I picked up at Holt Renfrew in the past few months.

And here are the old MOR lipbalms vs the new ones. Maybe they are two different lines? I am not sure, but I like them both! 

And I am pretty sure that EVERY beauty junkie out there has these two! The mini set that was the Sephora Birthday Gift this year! I loved last years bubble bath from philosophy. I can't wait to see what this coming years gift is going to be! 

I recently got this at Winners. I am so thrilled with the quality and consistency of this. I just have to remember to keep using it! It is the best lip scrub that I have used in a long time. I used to really like a scrub from the Body Shop (that was more than ten years ago!) and this one seems to be as good as I remember the other one to be (is it just me or do things tend to seem better in our recollection than they ever end up being when we go back to a product/food/place of our youth?).

You can see the texture difference between the Korres (on top) and the Sugar (on the bottom). 

And some random lip treatments!


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