Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale

So this is what your stairs look like moments after I get home from a BBW Semi Annual Sale. 

These candles below were all 75% off!! If you do it right, that makes $2 a candle for the 12.50 ones. They are 12.50 each, and 75% off makes them 3.13. Ten of them is 31.30 and you can use a past reciept to get $10 off $30 purchase. That makes TEN candles $21.30!!!!! And oh my gosh do they smell AMAZING!! the large 3 wicks shown below are 22.50 each and 75% off they are only $5.63!! The oils I am not sure what the discount was but they were between $2 and $1.88 each. Not everything shown above was on sale, and the bubble baths, lotions and shower gels were all different. Some were full price, some were $3, some were $4 and some were 75% off.


  1. OMG, amazing haul! Would you be interested in doing a swap with me? I can't get B&BW here in Italy :( x


  2. You are lucky! Your BBW haul is amazing. When I went last week to mine they had nothing I wanted. They didn't even have HFO anywhere to be found. The scent portables were $2 each. I was in there for over an hour and left empty handed. 3 wicks were 2 for $30, minis were 2 for $5 and had no mid size candles were on hand. Very few candles were there anyways.

    I love your blog and all your cool hauls.



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