Friday, December 21, 2012

Butter London Scouse VS Julep Ivy

When I first got Scouse from Butter London I got bombarded with questions asking how close it was to Julep Ivy. So when I got my December Maven Box in the mail today I knew that I had to drag my sorry self out of bed and swatch them for you NOW. 

I find very often that polishes can look EXACTLY alike in the bottle only to dry or apply VERY DIFFERENTLY. In this case they do NOT look alike in the bottle at all. The bottle of Scouse looks to have MUCH more shimmer and microglitter in it.

But then you swatch them. And not only are they IDENTICAL to the eye, I find that sometimes I take pictures (always with my macro lenses) and you can suddenly see the differences and I have to say "really, in person, to the visible eye they are the same!!" No issue with that here. They look identical. On the nail, on the swatch wheel. The formula is the same. They are both opaque in three coats. They are both slightly streaky and very shear in the first coat. I would honestly say I can not in any way shape or form recommend one over the other. Julep is cheaper but you get less polish. But many people do not ever come close to finishing a bottle. So toss a coin! But get one of them! Its gorgeous!

Oh! By the way, Butter London is on the left, and the Julep is on the right!



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