Sunday, December 16, 2012

Julep New Years Mystery Box - Only 72 Hours To Decide!!

Not only is this the largest mystery box that Julep has ever offered (for the same 19.99 cost) but you have a chance to win an Ipod mini. With a MINIMUM of $100 worth of products and up to $500 in product and a guaranteed unreleased mystery colour, its hard to see how getting even the smallest box this time would be a disappointment.

That being said, I am still trying to refrain! As good a deal as it is, I must remind myself, I HAVE EVERY COLOUR!!!! What about you? Are you getting one? Two?  Three?


  1. I totally got one too! So excited (:

  2. I just signed up a few days ago as a Maven and when I saw the offer of the Mystery Box, I gave in. One of my friends is a Maven as well and had mentioned the day before out Mystery Boxes being pretty nice. I don't have any Julep polishes yet so figured I don't have anything to loose (well other than my $19) in ordering.

  3. I just bought one today! No idea what to expect though (even if it wasn't a mystery box I'm not sure of what julep is like)

  4. I got one too even if I'm supposed to be on a bit of a no-buy. Too hard to resist with the high value and chance of ipad mini!



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