Thursday, December 27, 2012

Julep End Of Year Sale - The One Item You DONT Want To Miss!

The Julep end of year sale is ON! While there are many deals (the gem collection sold out in minutes but at 28.00 who could expect otherwise?). While you may be swayed by all the shiny bottles at INSANE prices, this is the item you MUST not overlook!

So what is there to say about this? I got it in a Julep Maven Box and was so unimpressed that I was getting it. I mean, come on! We all know the deal. Acetone-free polish removers suck. Sorry, but they do. The best we can hope for is a Zoya Remove+ type remover (Quo  makes a great one too) that is acetone that is mixed with moisturizing ingredients in hopes of somewhat combating the negative effects of acetone. The one highlight of this I could see was the pump. It is a wonderful pump.


OH. MY. GOSH!! IT WORKS!!!!!!! It not only works, it works AMAZINGLY well! So well it leads me to two main questions.

  • Is it really acetone free? (I am not at all suggesting Julep would lie about it. But thats how well it works. so well you have to wonder!!)
  • If Julep can make it work THIS well, why cant other brands figure it out?!!!
So please, take my word for it, your nails will thank you! Mine sure do! So for 6.99 Don't by one, buy 5! I have 6 backups myself right now in my drawer! I do not pass this up when its on sale!


  1. Haha glad to be some inspiration! Good buy!

  2. I ordered it yesterday because I'm almost out of the Zoya 3+1's good to hear that I will likely be pleased with it!



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