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Nars Beauty for Spring 2013

Fresh and fierce, strong and sexy: Nars’ spring 2013 collection introduces a vibrant, ‘90s-esque color palette that sets the tone for a season of audaciously feminine looks. The collection shines with rich, hyper-saturated shades, welcoming the season with a dramatically modern palette. Jewel-toned cheeks pop. Lips sparkle in soft metallic rose or pout in sultry shimmering fuchsia. Nails shimmer in iridescent silver green. Eyes flash in pink or flirt in blue and green. The collection is an ode to bold color and a modern woman –– and, as always, purely Nars. 
Created by founder and creative director François Nars, the color collection heralds spring’s arrival with shades ready to make a graphic statement. For the campaign, Nars chose to photograph iconic model Stella Tennant, renowned for her bold style and irreverent beauty. Tennant’s confident, almost cheeky attitude leaps through the lens for images that are at once personal and intense. François’ favorites? “I love the fuchsia rose color of Dressed to Kill and both shades of Bouthan. I also really like the combination of the colors in Mad Mad World — the palette really pops. On the opposite end, our Disco Inferno Nail Polish, even though it’s iridescent, almost works as a neutral; the silver green shade goes with everything.”

Clockwise from left - Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Loose), Dressed to Kill Lipstick, Mad Mad World Duo Eyeshadow, Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Pressed), Bhoutan Duo Eyeshadow (far right, you can only see half of it), Seduction Blush (cream blush)
To the best of my knowledge, the line up right now for NARS Spring 2013 looks like this:
Available globally on February 1, 2013:

  • Persia Single Eyeshadow 
  • Mad Mad World Duo Eyeshadow 
  • Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow 
  • Dressed to Kill Lipstick 
  • Cythère Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil 
  • Seduction blush Disco 
  • Inferno Nail Polish 
  • Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Pressed) 
  • Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Loose)
Available globally on Mar. 1 2013: 
  • Radiant Creamy Concealer (10 Shades)
Available globally on Apr. 1 2013: 
  • Satin Lip Pencils: (13 Shades)


Now, apparently there will be 13 Satin Lip Pencils.


Now, my understanding is that the new Radiant Creamy Concealers will come in ten shades. I really, really hope that they are heavy coverage!!!

And now here I will try to show you some close ups of some of the products! I will link the sources for the images (they are all over the internet but hard to find in one spot!!).


Never in a million years would I ever wear these colours of shadow, but oh my gosh are they gorgeous!




I got most of the images off of two sites, one site being HERE and the other site seems to have been taken down. I then got the bottom blush image and got further clarification on some of the ORIGINAL link sources  HERE.

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  1. Hello,

    I would greatly appreciate if you could say where you found all of this. Yes, you listed the source for the individual photos, but I've spent an enormous amount of time and work collecting them (and making screencaps), yet I see no mention that all of this was gathered over months for the Specktra community. So it looks like you found all of this by yourself, and that's simply not true.

    Please, as a simple courtesy, may you add the source?
    Thank you.



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