Friday, December 7, 2012

Julep Day Seven - A New Move From Julep

So I found today's special very interesting.


I am not quite sure why Julep selling Ole Henricksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster seems so bizarre to me, but it seems totally illogical and weird. Same goes for the dog and cat dolls of past days specials. Is it just me? I want Julep to STOP all this crap!!

Dear Julep,  
Please, please, PLEASE!! STOP!! Stop with all these deals and discounts. STOP with all these promotions and extra gimmicks! JUST STOP!! I ordered something and cyber Monday and it JUST shipped yesterday! I can understand if you are behind and trying to keep up, but if you are so behind it takes you TWO weeks to post an order, why would you do another sale every day if you can't ship the orders you already have? You may be gaining new customers, but you are alienating and pissing off your CURRENT customers. And customers that come in for a gimmick or a sale are not going to KEEP your business going if you can't KEEP them once you have them! I don't want a fantastic sale every day. 
I don't need a thousand non nail items from a nail company. I want GOOD customer service, EXCEPTIONAL products, TIMELY shipping, PROTECTIVE packaging and INNOVATIVE products in my maven box.
I don't need A NEW sale everyday, items in my maven box that are BEHIND THE TREND (crackles), RE-RELEASED items or items that have been sold elsewhere first, completely UNRELATED items (such as mascara and lipgloss), orders shipped TWO WEEKS after the order placed, a new sale on a different private shopping site each and every day and a website that still has kinks after more than a month. 
So in closing, please STOP with all the gimmicks, sales and promotions. Get back to the basics! Get EVERYTHING on the website up and running 100%, get maven boxes shipped out ON THE 27TH (or 28TH if there are far too many), ship orders out IN THE ORDER THEY WERE RECEIVED REGARDLESS OF WHATS FASTER OR EASIER TO PACK, after more than 6 months and FIX YOUR PHONE SYSTEM so if I choose to wait on hold, I will STAY on hold until you can answer the phone. Going to the answering machine after waiting five minutes is just OBNOXIOUS!!!  Just give us good products and good service and stop trying to gain more business until you are 100% capable of handling MORE!

Sincerely, A frustrated girl who LOVES your products


  1. I, respectfully, disagree with most points that you have presented. I enjoy all of their non-polish items just as much as the polish items (if not more) please don't ruin it for the rest of us that do. Their mani/pedi/makeup products are really top-notch and highly effective. In the year that I have been a Maven I have had just 1 customer service issue, which was addressed professionally and promptly. In that year, I have e-mailed with several questions and comments, never waiting for more than 24 (usually 12) hours for a response. I have also made many question and comment phone calls, never waiting more that a minute or 2 to speak with someone.
    And finally, their past and current promos have and do truly rock my socks : )

    1. I love their mani pedi products. The nail therapy is the best base coat on earth. The nail polish remover is the first and only non acetone polish I have ever used that WORKS! I have never said i have issues with their mani/pedi products.

      and while i love the brand and have always had customer service go above and beyond to fix any actual issues I have had, they are notorious for being hard to get a hold of. If you have had the pleasure of getting an email back within 24 hours each time you are one in a million. I always get through eventually but usually have to call 4-5 times to do so. emails and phone messages are always responded to, but usually in 2-3 days in my experience. Im happy you have had such fast service, but facebook, twitter, and every other fourm I am on are full of people who would love to have a timely response.

      Make no mistake. I love their products and they have always fixed every issue I have had. But its always a hassle to get a hold of them and there are just more issues than there should be that require getting a hold of them.

      And I do love the sales and promos. But not when it is at the expense of the regular products, maven boxes and orders. If they can not handle the volume they currently have, I think they should deal with THAT before they try to INCREASE the volume.

  2. I have to say I definitely agree with you about the unrelated items — I love things like the hand scrub and cuticle oil, but getting lip gloss in a polish box is a little weird to me. I'm personally not really into makeup at all, I maybe wear lip gloss 3 or 4 times a year. So yeah, I agree that it would be nicer if a polish company were to focus on mani/pedi-related products!



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