Monday, December 31, 2012

Cult Nails Behind Closed Doors Collection

So here I have a post that is WAAAAAY overdue.  Believe it or not these were purchased during the PRESALE! I know. But exams, being sick, having surgery.... life just got in the way! But please do not think that that for any reason has anything to do with the GORGEOUSNESS and AMAZINGNESS that is in these beautiful little burritos! It amazes me that its been sooooooo long since my very first ever post on this thread of Maria's first collection. Not much has changed since then to be honest. The polishes are just as gorgeous, just as unique, Maria is still the same woman we fell in love with on her blog, and the prices while going up a tad in the new year, are relatively similar to when she started!

Disciplined is a "sheer but buildable soft grey with purple, pink and blue shimmer". This one is a pale slightly but just ever so slightly blue leaning grey with gorgeous shimmer. In person its the pale blue shimmer that really shines through. Opaque in three coats, its so pretty.

After Glow is "a copper infused polish with a subtle pink shimmer". This one is one of the two I had no intention of keeping whatsoever. And the FIRST one I put on! I am wearing it now! lol!

Bitten is a "a raspberry glass flecked polish". This one I would personally not call raspberry. its like a bright red tinged burgundy or wine that leans a little purple. It is STUNNING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Its not too vampy. Its perfect!!

Flushed is "true Blurple (blue/purple) buildable sheer with an intense purple/pink shimmer effect that appears to glow through the polish". This one is kind of......alive? It really takes on a life of its own. its blue, and its purple and its got this intense and insane pinky purple shimmer, all at the exact same time. Every time I look at it another colour shade of blurple is kind of revealed. Its hard to explain. But its beyond gorgeous!

And last but not least, Coveted which is a "jelly deep green with metallic green flakes and subtle green shimmer.". This one I KNEW I didn't want, KNEW I was going to not wear and justified the presale in that it was a free polish to gift to a friend. Sorry unnamed, unverified, conceptual friend. YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOUR PAWS ON THIS!!! LOVE!!!! It is such an interesting and unique and pretty green. It is possibly (and by possibly, read IS) the most gorgeous green I have ever seen.

Who would have thunk?

And pre-clean up - here is AfterGlow. I was literally unable to stop myself from putting it on when I started swatching these!!!!

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