Thursday, December 27, 2012

Buy One Get One Free At Lush

So I was on a mission yesterday. My boxing day plans were to run in to Sephora to get the $12 Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow Box. Then I was supposed to run to Bath & Body Works and we know how that haul went. The last thing that I was supposed to do was go to LUSH to pick up some magic wands. Last year there were ZERO to be had in the entire city on boxing day. They had sold out days before so I had no expectation that I would find any. I was wrong!!!

Now these are not mine! I promise! Only one of them! I was sent to pick some up for my mom (it is her favourite bubble bar hands down). Now to be honest she said to pick her up 2 or 4 but my dad was with me and said if she loves them and you can only get them at Christmas, get more! So she got 8, and I got one. I FINALLY get to try one!

And while the only stick/wand I have tried from LUSH was the carrot from Easter and I was not thrilled with it, the sales associate last time I was in the store said this Bubble Beard was her favourite of any of the wands by far. She swears this is the wand that kicks all other wands butts! So I had to try one of them! And I got the LAST ONE in the store! 

So all in all, I did not get much at the LUSH sale, just one magic wand and one bubble beard but I am super happy and can not wait to try both of these. I will review them as soon as I can (I am still not able to take a bath yet. Hopefully next week the surgeon will tell me I am not able to!) and even though the review will be kind of beside the point since the products will be gone, they might be useful next year if the products are re-released! 


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