Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cleaning & Purging The Stash - The Lip Glosses & Stains

So here I go with the Glosses and Stains. I am really not the biggest wearer of these and I therefor really need to STOP DROP AND STAY AWAY FROM BUYING THESE!! I really don't know what to say. I had what I can only assume was a brain aneurysm  last year and purchased 11  LipFusion lipglosses and 9 pencils from the same brand. What was I thinking? Thankfully I was able to sell most of them and purged 3 or 4 today. So I have no more in my stash. Boy was THAT brand a mistake! I have nothing positive to say about them no matter how much I tried to embrace them!

First up is three lipglosses from a brand called Lipstick Queen.

As you can see I have never used the centre one before. But it was a gift from a lady I love and I can not bare to part with it. The set was a three piece set

This is how the set came

Then I have these two new Le Metier De Beaute Lipglosses. These two I JUST picked up from Winners for a price of 24.99 each! They are certainly not in my normal comfort zone but I couldn't pass up the deal and hope I end up really liking the colours. I already have fallen in love with the formula.

The more I try beauty products from Givenchy, the more I LOVE products from Givenchy! I just wish they weren't so pricey!!

And here are some random ones. The Lancome one came free in a gift with purchase and it looks SUPER bright. But its perfect on and just the right amount of colour!

I debated where to put this Chantecaille one. Should it go with the glosses or lipsticks? But its such a sheer colour I had to place it here. I really love this and this is my second tube of it! Probably the only Gloss I have EVER finished (aside from a discontinued By Terry one). 

And this is about 3 coats on the back of my hand, just to give you an idea of how sheer it is. 

And then from Avon, her is one of thier tinted chapsticks. It gives off SO MUCH colour that I almost classified it as a lipstick! 

And here is all of them together! Stay tuned for part three - the lipsticks!


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