Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thrift Store Finds (Last Weekend & Today)

So I walked in to the Salvation Army. I was not expecting to find a bag as I find the bags there tend to be very disappointing. So imagine my surprise when I found this little gem. I KNEW the purse looked really really familiar and couldn't put my finger on why.........

Until I got home and realized I had the matching wallet!! 129.00 at the Danier Leather store about 5 years ago!!!

This dark brown sweater is perfect for under blazers and what not! And since I have recently found a lot of brown skirts and blazers I really need some netral items to go with them! So it was perfect!

This sweater was 60% off AND another ten percent off that! So it was 1.26. I cant really wear orange or coral (makes me look like a crab!) but I figure it will be nice under a blazer and a nice way to wear a bit of the biggest colour of the season without it being right next to my face. That is the hope anyways. If not, I am only out 1.26! So not much lost for trying!

This is a nice mint green light weight sweater. Perfect for a nice spring day. Fits me perfectly!

This blazer is probably something I could have or should have passed on! Its a brown blazer. Something I have about 3 of already. But this one just fit me so perfectly! I couldn't pass it up! And I had a 25% off coupon making it 4.50 so how could I pass a deal that good? I couldn't! And I already have worn it once!

And this was probably my most exciting find of the last two weeks! Its not an amazing deal or anything like that, but the top of my thrift store shopping list is everyday black skirts! I would really like at least 2 more, but this one is SOOOO perfect and fits me like a glove! So it was very exciting. I really don't know what the original retail on this is. I think its around 60.00-80.00.

I also found two pair of brand new sandals. Both sized 8.5 and both fit perfectly. So all in all I think it was a fairly successful two weeks!

34.00 SPENT FOR A TOTAL VALUE OF APROX. 840.00!! Not a bad haul if I do say so myself! 


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