Tuesday, March 20, 2012

April Julep Boxes - All 5 Options

So the new colours this month are:

  • Alyson - Almond creme featured on all the runways for spring
  • Jessica - Soft and sweet baby blue crème
  • Parker - Golden tangerine crème
  • Renee - Spring lilac crème
  • Susie - Delicious mint green crème

I am not sure if this one is a new one or not, but its certainly one I have not seen before!!!

  • Eva - juicy raspberry crème
I am getting It Girl though I may change to American Beauty. Its kind of calling my name.. What about you? Which box are you supposed to get? Are you switching or pausing?


  1. I really like all the boxes this month, but I think I'm sticking with my usual box, American Beauty. I do want a bunch of the new colors, tho, especially Parker and Jessica. And Susie.

  2. I'm It Girl and wish my month wasn't free so I could skip...I HATE any and all pinks...I may switch to boho glam even though I really don't want the pedi stuff either. At least the pedi cream would be easier to gift than pink nail polish in my family.

  3. LOL we swapped! I switched from American Beauty to It Girl... only cause I don't really care for pedi creme.



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