Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Julep Maven March Classic With A Twist Box & Review

I received my Julep Maven box today!

I must say, I am a bit  disappointed in it. There is nothing WRONG with it, but you will see (and maybe agree, maybe not!) with why I am disappointed.

A cute nail file is added in the wrapping as a bonus gift.

BUT... I know I shouldn't complain about a free bonus. But I find it kind of..... I dont want to say stupid. But I feel like it was put there for no purpose other than to make us exclaim "Yay! A free gift!". They are a company that goes on about the benefits of a glass file. That they should be used and NOT cardboard ones. So why send us a cardboard file? Are they just as good as the glass ones or did they just want something cheap to throw in? Again, I am not necessarily disappointed in this free gift, but it just kind of seems funny to me.

On to the actual package. Nicely wrapped, as is now the norm!

And is also the norm now, nicely wrapped bubble wrap!

This was a nice surprise. The size is 30ml which is about standard if not larger than other similar items on the market. And the 24.00 retail is significantly lower than other argan oil products I've seen.

And its completely and I mean COMPLETELY odourless!

Now here comes my real disappointment. The polish colours in this box include a new colour and a previously released colour. I already had the nude polish so I knew what I was getting. I really don't know why I didn't think of this before, but as a facebook friend just described it, its "my nails but better!". And that is such a wonderful description. So the logic follows that the effect top coat will look quite similar on its own to over a colour of "my nails but better!" It just seems like they could have put a different colour in the box that would have let us have another look. Again, this is not really a complaint, just a  disappointment .

Each colour alone (Jennifer and Brooke):

Brooke over jennifer, and alone:

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  1. My Boho Glam box comes tomorrow. I also ordered the rest of the "new" colors, so I will have Brooke too..yay! I totally hear you on the file...I looked at your pic and thought, "cool!" but then the whole glass file thing does come to mind and its kinda like, WTF? hahaha Brooke is really pretty!



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