Saturday, March 24, 2012

MAC Vintage Vamp & Kid Orange

I received these two polishes as a swap and had no idea they were coming. I can say I was kinda disappointed when I got them as I don't LOVE MAC polishes but I was pleasantly surprised! Vintage Vamp was MUCH MUCH lighter on the nail than in the bottle and it makes it much more wearable for me and Kid Orange was a much better formula than the last few MAC polishes I got. So all in all, it was a nice surprise!!

Was the formula perfect? NO. Vintage Vamp was kinda patchy and took three coats to even out and be perfect. Kid orange was the best of the two and two coats should be enough. I have to say the formula on Vintage Vamp could be improved but the colour is nice. Its a browny, vampy burgundy but its not super dark. Kid Orange will be a staple in my summer toe colour wardrobe for sure!

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