Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another AMAZING Thrift Store Haul!!

So this is really not one haul. Its 3 purchases spanning the last month and about 7 trips to the Goodwill stores. But you don't always get lucky, and sometimes, as you will see right now, you get AMAZINGLY, RIDICULOUSLY lucky!!!

So I arrived to find this sign (which means next week it will be 60% off yellow tags, and the next week 20% off a different colour):

Now nothing I found was actually 40% off as all the tags were green, but they were WAY to awesome to pass up! First up, this ALFRED SUNG skirt. This is such an amazing fully lined wool skirt. It has pockets, and a stunning trim and fits me like a glove! The only issue is that it has a teeny tiny little stain on the front (right below the waste band) that is almost impossible to see. And any blouse I wear will cover it. But it WAS slightly stained so they gave me an extra dollar off. So a 795.00 skirt was just 1.99!! I actually called Holt Renfrew to ask what the retail on the skirt would be!

Look at the trim at the waist, and I love that it has pockets!! Why don't ALL skirts have pockets???

Next up is a brown leather purse. I have no idea what the original value of this was, but it was too gorgeous and smooshy to pass up. Yes. Smooshy is a valid and real word in my vocabulary. Its smaller than most everything else I have which I actually think is a GOOD thing, and the moment I felt it I KNEW it was coming home with me. And I opened it up and sure enough, genuine made in Italy leather!

Now this next item was the last item I purchased in this trip. And it is the perfect example of why thrift store shopping can be AMAZING. I saw this cardigan at Winners a few months back. It was 49.99 there and there were matching maxi skirts and tanks in the same pattern. I ALMOST got the cardigan but the sleeves were like 3 inches too long for me, and I did not feel like investing extra $$ in alterations for a fifty dollar cardigan I didn't "need".

Now look here? Apparently the person who bought it ALSO was...... vertically challenged? She FIXED the sleeves for me!!!!!!!!! How freaking amazing is THAT???!!!

9.97 paid for (assuming a modest 200.00 for an Italian made leather purse) A THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of clothing!!

Next Goodwill trip that I got lucky with was the following week at a different location. Note the sign in the window:

The first thing I found was a Conrad C skirt! I love the simplicity and classic lines in their suits and since I work part time (VERY part time - 6 hours a week) in a little clothing boutique that carries their line, its FANTASTIC to score such a basic wool skirt! And being a yellow tag makes it $1.76!!

And no idea what brand this is, but I thought it might potentially be the perfect shell under that kimono style red and black dress I was planning on wearing to a function that was fast approaching. It didn't quite look right under the dress, which you probably know since I was clearly NOT wearing this under the dress in the photos I posted yesterday, but for $1.19 I am sure it will be well worth the money!

Now as I was walking out of the store, I couldn't help but notice this sign! Obviously I would HAVE to go back for THAT sale. Its a sale that happens about 4 times a year and is fantastic. You have to dress appropriately to go though. They do not open the fitting rooms on this day so make sure you are wearing something that allows you to try things on over top!

Now one thing that I have learned from this sale is that it is ONLY a deal if YOU WILL WEAR IT!! Otherwise, its just money down the drain. There was sadly not much that I jumped out to me, but I did have a goal. JEANS!! I need some denim skirts and the plan has been to get a pair of jeans, take them apart at the inner seems and place a panel inside the legs making a comfortable a-line skirt! So with that goal, I got a little lucky, though the only other thing I got was a comfy hoodie to wear. Now regardless of what the price tag says, all these items were $1.00 each!


  1. signature by levi strauss only retail $19.99 not $78, they are sold at walmart, target, kmart. they are a cheaper division.

  2. I love going to the thrift store near me. I have donated many times, but I also love picking up their books and looking for that once awesome find. I saw brand new books there for about 2 bucks each. It makes me mad that some people are 'above' shopping at thrift stores, but I say that's okay. I will buy some True Religion jeans there, thank you very much! Great finds!!



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