Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Mail! Who Doesn't LOVE Nail Mail?

Nail mail always makes me happy. But when you get MULTIPLE packages all at once in one day its even better!! Look what the Canada Post Man, the Fedex Man AND the Purolator Man all came to the Polish Jinx House today!! YAY!!

First up, my Dior polishes from the Anselm Reyle collection. I hate pink, so that one was easy to skip and after much debate, I chose to skip the black. A black crème seemed easy to replace with others!

Next up, was a swap I did with someone for two polishes from Julep. She noticed I did not have a lot of MAC colours and offered to send me a few in exchange. I had no idea what polishes were coming, but I ended up with Kid Orange and Vintage Vamp.

Next up I got the Lippmann polishes from Juicy Couture. The Metallic set is mine, the other set is for my mom. I have two of the three colours already and hate pink. So it was a no brainer to skip for me! I still dont understand why they put BOTH limited edition Juicy Couture polishes in the one set. Though I am very happy they did! Made shopping decisions much much easier.

Connect The Dots from Lynnderella. Courtesy of Leah Ann to review for my blog!

And while NOT nail mail, equally exciting, a replacement blush shade. I actually liked the New Classic palette so much I got a second one! And when I opened the palette to swatch it I noticed the blush shade was loose. The second time I opened it the blush shade fell out and shattered. I was gutted. I emailed Chantecaille three times and never got a response. They saw/heard me twitter about my bad experience a few weeks back and reached out to me, and today I got a fedex package with this beautiful shade in it! I have been so upset by the experience that I ignored both my palettes and never used or touched them since it happened. I think I will now be using my palette again!

Look! Its whole again! Yahoo! 

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  1. Ohhh you've got some gorgeous things there! I really love the Deborah Lippmann polishes. haven't tried them before, but her colour range is gorgeous :)



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