Monday, March 12, 2012

Its Australian Day In The Polish Jinx's House!!!

I showed you all awhile back the wonderful swap package I received from the lovely Amy from Beauty In A Bottle as part of the international Valentines Day Blogger Swap. I wanted to share the lovely swatches with you. All three have a nice even formula, though the Natio one was slightly patchy in the first coat. It did however even out well in the second coat. For the Natio one I would say you need three coats, the other two you need two coats. 

First up is this lovely coral colour. One thing that I can say about ALL three of these is Australians sure seem to like thin long brushes! None of the three are hard to work with, but they are all very thin. They are sturdy enough that they are not problematic. But they are thin! No thick brushes to be found here!!

This purple I was worried would be too Vampy and too dark for me, but its surprisingly easy to wear. It was the trickiest of the three formula wise but still not bad at all.

And this one is my FAVOURITE of the bunch. This is a gorgeous stunning green with INSANE gold shimmer in it. I have nothing even close to similar in my stash and really really love it.

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