Monday, March 5, 2012

MAC Play Day & Salad Dressed Swatches & Reviews!

I was planning on getting Salad Dressed from MAC but when I went, Play Day seemed so pretty I had to pick it up too. BIG MISTAKE!!! BAH!! When will I ever learn. When I see MAC polishes, I need to STOP, DROP & WALK AWAY!!

MAC Salad Dressed is described as a mid tone dirty aqua cream and comes from the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection (Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook) for Spring 2012. In reality that is close. I see it as a pale teal cream. It was streaky and thick and it applied uneven and patchy. A real PAIN in the YOU KNOW WHAT!  The swatches below are with THREE coats of each.

Play Day is described as a pale milky coral creme and comes from the MAC Vera Collection for Spring 2012. This one was more of a nightmare than Salad Dressed! It was pretty much the same nightmare as Salad Dressed, but also just kinda turns a tad... dirty looking when it dries on the nail.

While I hated the polishes, the colour of Play Day seemed perfect for that Esprit Dress that I bought boxing day if you remember? So I was holding it for swatching and figured I might as well put it on for the event. After three coats it looked horrendous. It was uneven, gross looking and just BAD. With no time to completely re-do my nails I figured I would TRY to put a coat of Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want To Have Fun over top and hope for the best. It didnt turn out QUITE as bright as the picture shows and ended up being perfect.


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