Sunday, March 11, 2012

NARS Diamond Life & Blue Lagoon

So this post seems a little odd. The brand new for spring Diamond Life and then a very old discontinued polish Blue Lagoon. I was planning all week on reviewing Diamond Life and then just when I was ready, Winners (TJ Maxx) got in a whole load of NARS products deeply discounted. So to get Blue Lagoon (a long time lemming) for only 12.99 really got me excited! So I figured why not show you both?

NARS Diamond Life is a great metallic purple with a slight (and I really mean slight) pink tinge. It looks more streaky in my macro shots, but it really isn't visible! These photos are of one coat. The formula for NARS I find somewhat thin and sheer in general but this polish was PERFECT! Great coverage, great formula, and all around great colour. LOVE!!

Blue Lagoon is a gorgeous sheer blue. And when I say sheer, I mean SHEER!!! The swatches below are of SIX coats. I have not yet tried to swatch this over darker colours but I think it will be fantastic in that way. The formula was fast drying which was good (especially since it took so many coats!) and the formula while thin was easy to work with. I cant fault it being sheer as it was intended to be sheer. So to complain about that seems sort of silly to me.



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