Thursday, March 8, 2012

GLOSSYBOX Has Come to Canada!! Take A Peek!

EDIT - It has just been brought to my attention that this is NOT the regular February box. It is apparently a press box meant for bloggers and such and is different from the normal box. The normal boxes did NOT have the Oscar De La Renta lotion (the largest and most expensive item in the box) or the one full size product (the Essie polish) in the box. 

Within 15 minutes of my post I had 4 people contacting ,e telling me this was the press box, NOT a normal box. I did some googling and it seemed that it was indeed the "press box". But I've had a reader commenting here that this is what she got in her paid for box. Glossybox simply said every box has 5 deluxe samples. . 

I really don't know what to think! 


The selection of subscription boxes for beauty samples has been steadily growing in Canada for some time. I am happy to now announce GLOSSYBOX has now joined the party here in Canada! So how does GLOSSYBOX work?

I was lucky enough to get to test drive a box for all of my readers and it came to me yesterday! Now I had NO IDEA what to expect (I find a massive difference from box to box) and this one says its 5 high end luxury items! Sounded great to me! 

Now I was slightly surprised at how it came at first. The box was pretty but I was expecting a more re-usable box.  But that worry lasted about 5 seconds. Inside this very detailed box was a letter covering a gorgeous reusable box!

This is DEFINITELY a reusable box! And a really pretty one and in a practical size!

Now look what comes in the envelope!! A set of labels so that you CAN easily and in an organized manner save and reuse the boxes! This was a really nice detail that surprised me!

And a list of what comes in the box.

I do like Ahava products and while I personally dont consider it a "luxury" item, it is a nice item that will be well enjoyed and used!

The next item is an Elizabeth Grant balm. It says its a moisturising stick and in the description it calls it a balm. I am unsure if this is meant ONLY for your lips, or if it is similar to the bliss stick I love so much.

A full sized Essie polish. I personally wont ever use a pink polish, but since it is a February box, its very season appropriate with Valentines Day!

Now this for me was the first real luxury product in the box. And I am surprised at how much I enjoyed the scent! And at 50ml, its a very generous sized bottle!

Now this would also certainly be a luxury product. It would be one of those things I hoped I DIDN'T like for fear of falling in love with such a pricey product. Thankfully it is not something that is really age appropriate for  me, so my mom can deal with that issue if she loves it!

This was the most exciting thing for me in the box though again, not what I would personally consider a high end luxury item. I see this at department stores all the time and have ALMOST bought it a zillion and one times. I would sit and debate the spray or the pads. Is it worth it? I am SOOO excited to get to try these! I can't wait!!

Now everything was wrapped really well in tissue, and even more packing is underneath. In packaging and protecting they have spared no expense!

Everything together:

So all in all, is it worth it? The pros and cons of this box:


  • It is 15.00 with no extra shipping charge making it affordable
  • It comes REALLY well packed! They don't skimp on packaging
  • There seems to be a nice selection of products. Makeup, skincare, and other beauty items
  • They reply to emails VERY quickly. Communication is GREAT!
  • For ever 50 products you review you get a free box! That's every 8-9 or so months a free box
  • While it advertises itself as high end luxury items, that was not the case. Essie or BeautySoClean are not at all what I would Consider LUXURY items! Elizabeth Grant or Ahava seem more like department store brands than luxury as well. But Essie and BeautySoClean are certainly drugstore brands
  • At 15.00 while reasonable and affordable it is still more than the typical box on the Canadian market
So really, I find a lot more pros than I do cons, though I really find the description of luxury brands misleading and that REALLY bothers me. I really did enjoy this box and will seriously consider signing up in a few months when travel and other personal events are out of the way. But had I paid for this box without the benefit of a review I would have been VERY VERY disappointed. Not because it wasn't a good box, but because it was not what it was advertised to me in MY opinion.



  1. I got the polish & oscar de la renta and I didn't get the press box. Just sayin'! :)

    They also said they didn't want the surprise to be ruined for everyone so that's why they did variations on the box. I don't know if it's true. I'm still subscribed (got the march one for free because of the glossydots) so we'll see if they do that in March too! I hope everyone gets the same thing.

  2. I got the exact same box except my Essie nail polish was red and instead of the Oscar de la renta lotion, I got a little cute perfume bottle of the same scent. I am not press, just a regular customer. The boxes can be very different.

  3. If anyone is interested in signing up I have a promo code that will get you 10% off your first box. type in GLOSSY5 at checkout!!!



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