Saturday, March 24, 2012

Secret Easter Bunny Reveal - TAKE ONE!

So I got my first of my two easter bunny RAOKS from the exchange I regularly organize. OMG!! So many wishlist polishes! So many non wishlist polishes that had I seen WOULD have been on my wishlist! I can not begin to say how much of a pick me up this was this week!!

OMG!! Look how pretty and packed this box is! An expert packer for sure!

Everything out of the box (I did dig and dig and dig!!)

The non polish goodies (my mom and dad ate all the lindor chocolates, and I ate all the bunnies already!)

First up, the three carrots!

Nailtini Sugar Rim - a wishlist polish!

Tuff Scents - Mother Nature - Another wishlist polish!!

And yet another wishlist polish!

I will not lie. I opened this box up and screamed like a two year old! Then I stopped what I was doing and painted each hand with one of the two colours. And coated it with Nailtini Sugar Rim! And omg. This is seriously the best magnetic polish I have tried! It was super easy to use and it really really shows the design!!

Next up were the oh so cute eggs!!

Had I ever seen this colour it WOULD have been on my wishlist. OMG!! AWESOME BALLZ!! Thats right. I said it.

This one I mentioned in a blog post ages ago that I was eyeing, but had never put it on my wishlist. How she remembered is beyond me!

Now on to the bags!

No idea what colour this one is called, but its oh so pretty and has INSANE silver shimmer in it!! Cant wait to try it! My first of this brand! The bottles look exactly like nailgirls though. I wonder if they are connected...

Had to stop to show you the wrapping paper she used. Its glitter tissue - and oh my gosh is there now glitter all over me, all over my clothes, all over the living room floor and all over the house! YES!! I've been glitterized!!

Another new to me brand I have never used before! LOVE the cork top to it!

FINALLY!!!!!!!! MANGLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lovely Gore Princess (who can be found here) has had me yearning for these for sooo long! Number one colour on the manglaze wishlist too! Cant wait!

Another brand I have never tried before. This one is sooooo awesome!! Its a bluey purpley shimmery bottle of awesome!

Another wishlist polish of mine! On The Beach! Yahoo!!

And Knackered! Yet ANOTHER wishlist polish! YES!!

Everything all together!!

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