Friday, March 2, 2012

Lynnderella Connect The Dots

So a while back I posted my frustration with certain aspects of the selling of Lynnderella polishes through Llarowe's website. Somehow my blog post was interpreted by some of Leah Ann supporters as my attacking her. There was even a thread on makeup alley started that suggested people send me hate mail. Trust me - I GOT IT!!!! I was so upset with the rumours and the stories going around online that I felt the need to call Leah directly and make sure SHE knew that I wasn't trying to attack her or hurt her. I truly think she is a great person. Any and all frustrations that I have/had with her stem from the fact that she is TOO nice and TOO accommodating. Any ways, I am very happy to say that WE are good, and I will just have to be ok with certain people out there in "internet land" hating me for my opinions. I certainly AM opinionated!!! And I don't bite my tongue or hold back!

Now on to the good stuff. POLISH! I have to say, for the most part, if you are unsure of a polish or a brand and do not know if you should order it or not and if Leah sells it on then just go for it. She is VERY selective about the brands she sells and they are all gorgeous and the best of quality. Girly Bits is a great example! I have no idea how Leah does it, but she really zeros in on the great all around brands.

I was lucky enough to be offered a polish off the website to review. I chose (in about two seconds flat) Connect The Dots. 

Now for me personally, most stores take your money, send you your polish. End of story. So what is there really to say about a company or a store? Well, in the case of  A LOT! The really nice thing is that this isn't just a job for her. She really has a passion for it. She loves polish. It shows in the high quality, unique and niche brands she sells. Have a problem? Email or call the store and there is a good chance you are going to get Leah herself on the the other end! How many companies can you say that about? The other big issue I have with polish companies is HOW they send your polishes! A nail polish is a very easy thing to break open or leak if it is not well packed. Well let me tell you, this was well protected. And by that I mean it took me like five minutes to tear open the bubble wrap! It did NOT want to come off.

How amazing is THAT??? I am wearing it now over Essence The Dawn Is Broken from the Vampire Love Collection. Connect The Dots is described as a Black and white hexagon, square and bar glitter with slight sparkle in clear base. Its from the Halloween 2010 collection and I hope it will not ever be retired! It looks AMAZING on crème polishes and really really makes a statement. I haven't been able to stop staring at my nails since I did this!!!!

I did however swatch it over a few other colours. Basically, just assume it looks AMAZING over EVERYTHING!!! 

I wish I could say something, anything to make you guys feel like "nope. Not worth the hype. Not worth the hassle. Skip it" But I really can't. Sorry. AMAZING!!!! You really do NEED this polish. I will however be good and NOT show you the 4,234,232 OTHER amazing polishes you need from Leah's website. I will let you find them all yourself!


  1. awesome!! BTW< I love that you are opinionated and I started following you around the time of the "incident". I appreciate people who speak their mind in straight-forward, but respectful way. I was (and still am actually) experiencing the same frustrations with the ordering "system" that you were speaking of. I still am not 100% sure how to order, or if I am even going to go to the trouble of trying (uh, your swatches aren't helping me there! I NEED Connect The Dots!!) but it does seem like LeahAnn is a very nice person who shares our obsession! Glad you guys are all squared away :)

  2. I've been shopping from Llarowe for years and she is the perfect seller <3 The nail polish looks amazing!

  3. Finally had a minute to jump over here and see if you had reviewed the polish. Thanks so much for the share and the great review. I asked for total honesty and I appreciate that you gave your honest opinion. I am glad that we did get to chat and it is all good! I also appreciate an honest opinion even if it may be about me! LOL! Take care and I also think you did a fantastic commentary on the current polish situation!



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