Wednesday, March 14, 2012

98% Off My New Leather Jacket!

So I have had a long couple weeks. I hurt myself (being stupid) and it has resulted in a crappy couple of weeks. That being said, on my way home from a medical appointment today I decided to take advantage of the Goodwill that was right near my appointment. SOOO HAPPY I did! I just happened on a gem. An almost brand new Danier leather jacket. I love Danier pieces. They are so reasonably priced 199.99-999.99 and they wear amazingly! I happen to own 3 other suede ones and 3 other leather ones (a white lambskin leather one that retailed for 799.99 was the only other one I was lucky enough to find second hand). I also have a few suede and leather skirts of theirs! LOVE!!! They had a great ankle length suede a line skirt for 3.99 there that was super cute. And about 3 sizes to big for me! BAH!! It was a wonderfully bohemian looking skirt I would have LOVED! But it was not meant to be.

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to my brand new navy Danier jacket. The retail on this one is 399.99 and I got it 6.99!! It is not lined at all and almost a blouse type top though far too heavy for that. Perfect for the spring/fall

I love the stitching and the button details! So nice! And its unique in my wardrobe!

And I decided to post a few modelling shots. Ignore the 5 year old Rachel Pally maxi skirt that I basically LIVE in. Its one of those convertible could be a dress, or fold over the top and its a skirt ones and I only wear it about 3 days a week! I wasnt up to changing my outfit just to take the photos!

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