Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dior Diva Reward Redemption - Photos

Dior Diva has recently changed the program drastically. It still works the exact same way, but the rewards are very different. And there is now a 2500 and a 5000 dollar level. Keep in mind, 1 point equals 1 dollar spent.. So the highest level went from $1000 to $5000. A big jump. And to be fair and honest, I always thought the rewards were TOO generous.

Last year, the $500 level reward was a big dior clutch, a full sized lash plumping serum, a full sized lip glow and a deluxe perfume sample (i forget which perfume it was) and the year before it was full sized lip maximizer, full sized econic mascara, a big makeup bag and a duluxe sized dior serum sample. And a $1000 gift my girlfriend got in 2010 was large traincase, a deluxe perfume sample, full sized iconic mascara, full sized dior eyeshadow quint, limited edition necklace with a lipgloss inside, small perfume and a deluxe blush sample.

So while the gifts have always been more than generous, BUT this years change was a MASSIVE let down in comparison.  Let me show you what I got first.

Here was the nice big box I got in the mail! I was SOOO excited!

Then I saw what was in the box.

A deluxe perfume sample

And a bracelet.

Thats it. Now the real disappointment lays in the bracelet. If it looks familiar to you that would be because it was just the 500 point perk at Sephora. So odds are if you are a Dior lover and spend $$ on beauty you JUST got this bracelet. And now you get a second one. I love the program, but if you look at what you now get (posted below) I don't know that it is any longer worth my while saving receipts. It takes $1000 before you get even one full sized product. For a few deluxe samples that I will any ways get multiples throughout the year during gift with purchase events, it seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

I am not saying we DESERVE more, but it was a big drop all at once and I was not expecting it. It still is a great program, but it was very disappointing for me.

Perfect for Divas on the go. Includes deluxe travel sizes of Dior best sellers in a mini Dior shopping bag.

An absolute must for any trendsetting Diva. Includes The Little Dictionary of Fashion written by Christian Dior plus three deluxe minis for your handbag.

Perfect for Divas who love a little charm. Includes a Dior charm bracelet packaged in a Dior couture box plus a deluxe Miss Dior Cherie miniature.

For Divas who expect the divine. Includes a couture inspired black makeup pouch finished with a little shimmer and shine and full sizes of Serum de Rouge in Rosewood Serum, Diorshow Browstyler, Diorshow Extase Mascara, and a travel sized One Essential.

One of our most coveted Diva Shopping Rewards. Includes a Dior Brush Set complete with Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Brow and Lip brushes nestled in a black D-charm pouch and packaged in a Dior couture box. Also includes a full sized One Essential and Diorshow Lash Maximizer.

The absolute best of the best. Includes a Dior Evening Clutch complete with deluxe miniatures for touch-ups: Diorshow Extase Mascara, 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Stylish Move and Rouge Dior Lipstick in Rouge Blossom.

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  1. I agree with you that this was a huge drop. If you figure out the dollar value of each goodie, in relation to what you had to spend to get the reward, you'll find that the little 100 point reward is the best value returned.



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