Monday, March 12, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER!! How To Make Your Own Polish Jewellery

It is an honour to share this blogpost with you! Halat, the amazingly talented beauty behind was wonderful enough to make this guest post for all of you lovely readers! If you are not familiar with her blog, I seriously suggest you stop what you are doing, stop reading now and GO FOLLOW HER!! But of course, then come back and read the post!!!!

Hey everyone! 

Miss Shayna asked if I could write a guestpost about how to make nail polish jewelry and I of course was happy to. My original post on how to make nail polish jewelry has been the most popular on my blog from the minute I wrote it until now and right now it's more popular than ever. Here I have some step by step pictures so you can see how easy it is and make some for yourself and your friends.

You need a couple of things when making nail polish jewelry and the most important is the cabochon (the glass) and the pendantbase/mount. Make sure these actually fit each other when purchasing. These come in rings, necklaces, earrings ect. The second thing you'll need is either strong jewelry glue (I use E6000 and G-S Hypo Cement) or a burnisher and bezel  (see video below!)

When you have that ready, you can start having fun! 

When making nail polish jewelry, you do the exact same as when putting nail polish on your nails except you start with the sheer nail polish first instead of the opaque. Here I have started with China Glaze - Snow Globe. Let this dry completely! You can add more coats if you want, but remember the thicker the coats the longer it takes to dry.

When you're pleased with your sheer polishes, you add your opaque one. I have used a pure black polish so Snow Globe gets the attention it needs. I also add the opaque color inside the pendant base to make sure there aren't any spots left unpainted.

When the nail polish both on the glass and in the pendant base has dried, you add a layer of jewelry glue to hold. Use your burnisher and rocker bezel for superhold if your pendant base is soft enough. If you only use glue, remember to let it dry before using it so you're sure the glue has set properly.

I hope that was easy enough to understand. Now go make lots of nail polish jewelry! 


You can also check out this post which was the first how to post she created for making polish jewellery on her own blog!!



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