Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Viseart Lip Palettes, Shadow Palettes and Correcting Palettes!

Viseart is a brand I frist heard of through Cindy Miguens, the make-up artist for Pretty Little Liars. Its apparently the go to brand for her. A brand very well known to makeup artists, its virtually unheard of to the rest of the makeup loving community. So imagine my excitement to see these pop up on Sephora:

Lip Palette:

Eye Palettes:

And corrector palettes:

Now these are pricey at $80 a piece, though I think they are probably well worth that (I have not tried the brand yet so I can only assume how amazing these are likely to be) but if they come in to stock before the upcoming VIB sale, I may have to pick one up for $64 to give a try to!


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