Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recent Clothing Purchases!

So I have been travelling a lot recently. And packing for all these Jewish holidays has lead me to the simple conclusion, I desperately needed clothing. I have become fairly ok in the department of cocktail dresses. I have had so many events come up and so many functions that I have had to get cocktail dresses for, I am good with that. But otherwise....... what do I wear to a family holiday dinner? Or to synagogue when I need 6 different outfits to wear over a 3 day period?! 

Cleos has been a good source of clothing recently so I went there first. This skirt I got in black and navy. The perfect fitting LINED pencil skirt that just covers my knees and is only $49.99? Couldn't be more perfect unless it was 30% off. Oh wait...........  they were........ 

I loved this glittery cardigan as well. It was 30% off $60 but I loved the style. It looked to me like the perfect old man sweater but in glittery gold and navy. My mom took one look at it on me and told me it looked like it belonged on an 80 year old lady. So I say grandpa, she says grandma. Either way I really love it!

I also got this top, it was $50 and 30% off. It also had a matching pencil skirt that I talked myself out of, but now am really regretting. Its sold out online, but if I happen to find one in store again, its coming home with me!

I was hoping to do some damage when in NYC, but the first trip I made I literally had zero chance to go anywhere. The second trip I made sure to MAKE time. Saturday night I managed to carve out an hour and a half before stores closed and went with my 14 year old cousin to Rego Park Centre to see if I could find anything. I figured if I was fast, I might be able to get Century 21, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls AND Ulta all in. I did, but had little luck. Ulta had NOTHING in stock from mine or any of my friends wishlists.

At Marshalls, I was able to find one blouse I love. This Adrianna Papell blouse retails for $99 but I got it for $30! I love the burgundy shade, the back zipper and the fit.

Kohls had nothing worth picking up clothing wise and I managed to walk away from all the Lorac holiday sets. The only other place I had any luck was at Century 21.

These DESIGUAL Ballet flats I never even noticed. My cousin saw them in teal and fell in love with them. They were $29.99 or $39.99 and then another 30% off. They didn't have her size, but they had my size. Not in the teal, but in the purple.

I also got this skirt, that was on sale for $50. Its a pleated skirt just below the knee that I was on the fence about, but Henny talked me in to. The nice thing about going shopping with someone else is that sometimes they can tell you that you are crazy and too self conscience and convince you to buy the item you would have otherwise passed on.

I also got this grey knee length pencil skirt. It was on sale for $20 and is basically the same fit/cut/style as the navy and black ones I picked up from Cleos.

And lastly I got this cardigan for $34.99.


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