Friday, October 31, 2014

FACE MASK FRIDAY - Bliss No Zit Sherlock Breakout Busting Rubberizing Mask

I got this Bliss facial treatment from TJ Maxx  for $14.99. I was interested to try this out. Inside this box is 6 face masks, 6 tongue compressors and a measuring cup.

So I grabbed one of each and got to work. I have to say, I prefer masks such as the glamglow that are ready to go. This make your own just doesn't do it for me.

I grabbed a small bowl from the kitchen and poured in the powder.

And the water:

And started to mix.

No matter how much or how long I mixed, I could not get out all the lumps. After reading other reviews though, that seems the norm and irrelevant to the final results.

This made a TON of product and would have been enough for two faces easily. Possibly three. And trust me, I put it on THICK

And all of this was left over

 The thinner areas dried well, but after forty minutes the rest still looked wet, though it felt dry. 

It really came off fairly easily and as per instructions I did not let any of it go down the drain, and threw it all in the garbage can. 

And the aftermath. I have to say I really noticed no difference. It felt cool on the skin, and the tea tree oil smell was nice,  but thats really all I can say about it. If anything, I feel like it made my skin worse. It almost felt like it brought up stuff to the surface without pulling it out making my skin look slightly worse?


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