Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thrift Store Finds!

I recently had a PM from someone asking if I still thrifted, and if so, when a new post would be coming up. I know that the past little bit has been more in the lines of absurd shoe purchases and dresses, but the short answer is yes, I do still thrift. I don't think I will ever stop. I also feel a little more justified when I splurge on a $400 pair of shoes or a $300 purse when I know that the majority of the rest of my wardrobe cost pennies. So anyways, yes, I do still thrift, I just have not had a chance or the time  the past few months with all the travelling, functions and Jewish Holidays.

So I made a special effort last week to FIND time. And here are my results. It has been suggested that I show me actually wearing the clothing, so I will do my best to show more shots of me in the clothing as well. 

Value Village finds:
This top that is totally sheer and looks shapeless on the hanger I actually really like. It was $4.99:

These two cardigans were $3,99 each and both will be perfect with a simple pencil skirt.

This Hugo Boss long sleeve shirt was $3.99 and is perfect to wear underneath things!

This is just a cozy comfy sweater that was 3.99 and just to soft and comfy to pass up.

Goodwill Finds:
This blouse was 3.50 but all blue tags were 60% off. That means it was only $1.60. For that price I had to get it! It would have been better in a size 8 than a size 10, but it still works. 

This Calvin Klein Blazer. It was $5 and it SHOULD have been 60% off and thus $2, but the tag fell off while I was trying it on. The store has a policy that if a tag falls off it AUTOMATICALLY goes to regular price. I totally understand, and $5 is still a fabulous deal for a $150 blazer, but GRR!!! So yeah, $5!

Now this blazer WAS $5. And for a Michael Michael Kors blazer, it was a no brainer. The fact that it fit me perfectly? Icing on the cake!


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