Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 2014 Lip Monthly Bag

So what came in the mail the other day? A package addressed to Shayna Leibowitz. I have no idea who that is, hell, my last name doesnt start with an L or even come close to that. But I guess the people over at Lip Monthly thought "Oh well, we know shes Jewish, lets take a guess". Choen, Greenberg, Leibowitz, Borditsky..... All those names are interchangeable right?

Anyways, in the package came this cute little bag (though it smelled sooooo bad. You know that cheap rubbery smell?). And inside were these items:

A littte tiny sample of a starlooks scrub. I am fairly certain that this is simply a jar of brown sugar. It smells, tastes and looks like it. And has the texture of it. And since there is no ingredients anywhere (never even thought that was legal to send out an item that way) I am going to call it a pot of brown sugar.

A kosher lip balm. Not quite sure why the lipgloss has to be Kosher, as you are not eating it, and not me nor anyone else I know who keeps kosher requires that, but I guess they are targeting some market somewhere with it.

A J Cat Lipstick - Cant say I am too interested in this. A $3 lipstick that looks like a concealer.... I will however give it a try before forming an opinion.

A Devine gloss - this is very sheer and the swatch is after many many swipes.

A black brown eyyeliner from LA Girl. A very cheap liner that was better than I thought, but no where near the quality I demand out of an eyeliner.


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